Battery percentage is now displayed in the iPhone status bar

With the fifth beta version of iOS16Apple updated the battery icon on iPhones with Face ID Shows the selected battery percentage rather than just a visual representation of the battery level. The new battery indicator is available in iPhone 12 And iPhone 13 Models excluding ‌iPhone 12‌/13 mini 5.4 inch. It is also available at Iphone X و iPhone XS.

The battery percentage was not present on iPhones with Face ID due to the lack of space on either side of the notch housing the TrueDepth camera hardware. The new design adds the specified battery level to the battery icon, providing a better idea of ​​the battery status at a glance.

in iOS 15 And in earlier versions of iOS, the battery icon shows a visual image of the battery level, but it doesn’t provide a specific percentage. To get this information, iPhone users have to scroll down the Control Center or scroll to the Today Center view to see the Battery widget.

The color of the battery icon changes depending on the battery status and the background color of the ‌iPhone‌‌. When charging, for example, the battery icon is green and the charging indicator appears.

ios 16 2 . battery indicator

ios 16 2 . battery indicator
Battery percentage can be turned on and off in the Settings app in the Battery section. The battery percentage feature appears to be available on most iPhones that have a notch, but it doesn’t seem to be an option on iPhone 12 miniiPhone 13 mini, iPhone 11or “iPhone” XR possibly due to space limitations.

battery percentage ios 16battery percentage ios 16

battery percentage ios 16
‌iOS 16‌ beta 5 is available to developers right now, and Apple will launch a public beta in the near future.

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