Battle of the Brothers: Book reveals details of quarrel between William …

The book “Battle of Brothers” wants to know why Prince William and Prince Harry fell out. Some interesting details became known beforehand.

After the book was published „Finding Freedom – Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family“ Royal observers now have reading material again. The book “Battle of Brothers: William, Harry and the Inside Story of a Family in Tumult” will appear in mid-October. The new publication also focuses on the events surrounding the exit of Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan from the British royal family but more on the tense relationship between the two brothers William and Harry.

The author is the British historian and biographer Robert Lacey, a royal expert who was also a historical advisor for the Netflix series “The Crown”. Lacey is considered an expert when it comes to the Royal Family, but they did not give their blessing for the book.

As the “Daily Mail” writes, he is said to have sent some chapters of the book to the palace to give them the chance to deny everything. But his work was sent back to him unopened. “The title probably put them off,” Lacy suggests.

The book has not yet been published, but the UK media have pre-released some of the details that will come to light when the book is launched. Some of the details at a glance:

Earl Spencer intervenierte

According to the book, Prince William is said to have been concerned about the relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, or how quickly it developed. He asked his uncle Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, for help. The intervention is said to have not been well received, Prince Harry was angry with his brother for including family members in the dispute.

Unpleasant surprise

The decision to no longer work for the British royal family is said to have informed Prince Harry to his family ten minutes before the official media announcement. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, who were in Sandringham, are said to have been devastated.

Queen Elizabeth had other plans

The Queen reportedly worked with her former private secretary and a former diplomat to come up with a plan for Harry and Meghan. She wanted to give them a breather out of the country. They wanted to be given a role in a Commonwealth country and at the same time give them the opportunity to lead a more normal life, the book goes on to say. South Africa, for example, was up for debate, but nothing came of the plans.

Archie’s birth and baptism broke royal protocol

The way Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan dealt with the was widely criticized Birth and baptism of their son Archie circumvented. Specifically, that the birth took place in absolute secrecy and thus royal protocol was broken when the birth was announced. Also, that the child’s godparents were not announced.

Commercialization of the Crown

Although it is not a taboo to make money with royal products, there is at least a royal souvenir shop. Sauer, however, came across the family according to the book that the couple “Sussex Royal” wanted to protect its trademark and this also for products with self-help groups and advisory services Far beyond cookies, tea towels and umbrellas. The couple are no longer allowed to call themselves “Royal”.

Senior royals were not informed of the lawsuits

As the couple die three media houses News International, Mirror and Associated Newspapers sued during their Africa tour in 2019, the royal family was not informed of this beforehand.

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