“Battlefield 2042” “Dangerous Zone” mode trailer released

Battlefield 2042

exist”Battlefield 2042“(Battlefield 2042) Before the official release on November 19, EA and DICE have been releasing new content to keep the topic hot. Earlier, one of the three main modes of the game “dangerous area“The trailer was officially announced, from which you can learn about this brand new gameplay with a small team as the main mode. In general, the core of this mode is to go to the mission area, then collect the disk with intelligence and finally evacuate safely.

However, among the teams participating in the game, only two can escape their births (there are only two evacuation windows that appear randomly). The duration of each game in this mode is up to 20 minutes, and all 7 maps of “Battlefield 2042” can be played. Before starting, players need to deploy landing points and select suitable experts. The money obtained from previous games can also be used to purchase intelligence scanners and other equipment or upgrade treatment. During the game, the player himself has only one life, but one of the three teammates can resurrect you once. Of course, if you are cunning enough, it is entirely possible to win the game without firing a shot. In addition, XP won in the “Dangerous Zone” is counted towards the progress of the game.

Finally, like other modes of “Battlefield 2042”, “Dangerous Zone” supports up to 64 players to play on Xbox One and PS4, while on Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC platforms, it can be allowed on a larger map. Up to 128 people play together.

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