Battlefield 2042: Players Are Unhappy and Show It!

Game news Battlefield 2042: Players Are Unhappy and Show It!

Officially released on Friday, Battlefield 2042 has, for its content, mechanics, and the show it offers, been very well received by critics. Unfortunately, once the public servers opened, many players faced a number of issues, severely affecting the overall rating.

Lots of negative feedback

Criticized optimization, messy technical bugs, untimely disconnections and balancing are all points raised by disgruntled players who decided to express themselves in the reviews on Steam. And as much to say that these players are numerous, since on 35,000 evaluations, 25,000 are considered negative. At present, the general assessment of Battlefield 2042 is “rather negative”, with a ratio that places the title among the least valued on the platform with eFootball 2022, GASP, FlatOut 3 : Chaos and Destruction or Spacebase DF-9.

The signature mode, All Out Warfare, is particularly targeted, even if many reviews, however negative, highlight Portal mode and classic mode as being able to keep the game’s head above water.

Lots of innovations, unfortunately drowned in a flood of problems. Laborious PC optimization, too many vehicles which makes the game impossible in infantry. Atrocious gunplay, no weapon has a good feeling apart from the PP, no balancing. (…) (sic)

Well, I must admit, it’s m **** at the moment. To have played the beta and early access, it is abberant, it is a pure and simple regression for the franchise. Fan of the license, I can tell you that there is much worse than Battlefield Hardline or Battlefield V, there is Battlefield 2042 (…) (sic), can we read in particular on the Valve platform

A criticized launch, but some nuance to be added

Battlefield 2042: Players Are Unhappy and Show It!

However, several elements must be taken into account in order to qualify the whole. First, part of the evaluations could be judged to be irrelevant and therefore deleted. Ensuite, disgruntled players tend to express annoyance more often than those who feel that the experience is suitable. Still, the feedback is generally negative, and that DICE is already working on fixing the issues. It will obviously be patient, because the resolution of bugs, that of the server problems, as well as the balancing, go through many stages before reaching the players. Let us conclude all the same with some positive reviews, less numerous but very present, by adding that the title had, on average, 90,000 players connected simultaneously during the weekend.

I see all these criticisms on the game. And me during this time it’s been 50 hours that I am having fun with my friends … It’s clearly not perfect for the moment but it’s screwed up anyway. Like what the tastes and colors …

After the beta, a month has passed, on November 12 9h present with the GOLD version (yes 90th) I hooked directly! the thrills, graphics and pretty intense breakthrough gameplay, I know and feel the game has a huge potential!

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