Battlefield 2042 sales are 59% lower than Battlefield V

Battlefield 2042 is the latest bet from Electronic Arts and DICE focused on multiplayer, leaving aside the classic campaign to focus on its online mode. However, as we told you in his analysis, the title feels lacking in content, empty maps, and very unbalanced weapons. And although the study already working on solving all the problems and adding new content, players are disappointed with the new installment in the Battlefield saga.

Perhaps we are facing one of the worst launches of the saga in terms of sales, since such disappointment and bad reviews are translating into a downward trend when buying. According to Tom Henderson, a well-known insider and writer at VCG, the sales of Battlefield 2042 would have fallen 59% regarding Battlefield V.

What happened with Battlefield 2042 is not the first time that happens

Apparently this is not the first time this has happened, since the sales of Battlefield V were 63% lower if we compare them with those of Battlefield 1. As we can see thanks to this data, the trend over the years is a notable decrease in the sales of the series without an apparent common factor. Still, we have to look at how many exact copies DICE multiplayer has sold, but they seem to be off track.

However, everything may change over the months with future game updates, paving the way for new players to enter the franchise.

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