Baudet meeting in Nijmegen ended prematurely

The application for the meeting assumed about 200 people, but it got busier. Mayor Bruls then asked to end the meeting, which the organization has done, a spokesman for the mayor reports.

Bruls says in a statement that FVD and protesters have largely adhered to the agreements. “When it got too busy, they ended the event prematurely at my request.”

Baudet thanks supporters

In a tweet at 12.15 pm, FVD leader Thierry Baudet Nijmegen thanks. “Incredible how many enthusiastic people,” said Baudet in the tweet below, in which he indicated that he was on his way to other places at that time.

The police issued some tickets. These were for an as yet unknown number of people who distributed leaflets during the meeting without keeping a distance of 1.5 meters. According to the police, flyers are only allowed under the corona rules if the flyers are not put from one hand to the other. Two men were also arrested for sedition.

Great police force

The meeting took place at the Kelfkensbos in Nijmegen. Dozens of counter-protesters also gathered in the city.

A large police force kept both groups far apart. A group of counter-protesters who disrupted the speech of FVD leader Thierry Baudet from a roof with sirens and drums, was taken down by agents.

The protesters against racism and fascism were allowed to meet at another square in the center of Nijmegen, surrounded by the police. “The police were able to prevent the demonstration from being disrupted by an unannounced counter-demonstration,” said Bruls.

The police are investigating whether FVD violated corona rules during an earlier meeting in Urk. In Nijmegen, supporters of the party did stick to the 1.5 meter distance. Nobody wore a face mask. There were also no photo sessions with foreman Baudet.

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