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BMW presented an upgraded version of the most powerful modification hatchback 1-Series new generation – M135i xDrive. The car underwent significant technical improvements less than three years after its premiere.

The main changes were made to the suspension of the sports hatchback, which improved its handling. Engineers used new springs and shock absorbers, which had a positive effect on the level of roll when cornering. In addition, the rear suspension trailing arm mountings were changed, and a new hydraulic mount was used at the front.

The rest of the changes turned out to be minor. For example, the back pressure in the exhaust system has been reduced in order to change the sound of the exhaust operation. Plus, the specialists reconfigured and amplified the artificial sound of the engine supplied to the cabin through the speakers of the audio system.

As for the external modifications, three new shades have been added to the palette of available body colors of the smallest sports car BMW: Sao Paulo Yellow (yellow) Frozen Orange (orange) and Frozen Pure Gray (gray).

The engine remains the same. BMW M135i xDrive is equipped with a 2.0-liter “turbo four”, producing 306 liters. with. and 450 Nm of torque. The unit is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive system. BMW M135i xDrive is capable of accelerating from zero to first “hundred” in 4.8 seconds. (with the optional M Performance package – in 4.7 seconds), and its top speed is forcibly limited to 250 km per hour.

Pricing for the redesigned BMW M135i xDrive has yet to be announced. In Russia, cars of the new generation BMW 1-Series are not officially represented. can now be read in Telegram.

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