Bayern star Müller hisses at a reporter: “Of course you laughed”

Thomas Müller is disappointed and pissed off after Bayern’s cup exit.


FC Bayern Munich has to stop the hunt for the title triple early. The second division third Holstein Kiel eliminated the record champion and record cup winner in round two. And coach Hansi Flick has to moderate his first crisis.

What’s wrong with Bayern? After the surprise failure in the DFB Cup at the second division Holstein Kiel, Munich coach Hansi Flick doesn’t want to let any talk of crisis arise. “At the moment it’s one of the runs we’re having. We have to look ahead now, we have to work a lot. There is no longer any excuse, ”said Flick after the 5-6 penalty shoot-out and failure in the second round on Wednesday evening. “Of course it’s a shock, we are enormously disappointed.”

For the first time in more than 20 years, FC Bayern failed in the second round of the DFB Cup. On November 1, 2000, the Munich team also lost to the first division club 1. FC Magdeburg in a penalty shootout. The defeat in Kiel was also the first in 17 years against a lower class club. It also meant the end of a winning streak after 13 cup games.

The current defensive misery of Bavaria was also clear in Kiel. In the Bundesliga, the league leaders have already conceded 24 goals after 15 match days – only five teams have more. And also in the cup, the shaky defense allowed two goals again. “That’s the pattern we’ve seen on a lot of goals. We have addressed that very clearly, we have to secure the headquarters, the middle, ”said coach Hansi Flick, for example, criticizing the creation of the 1-1 by Fin Bartels.

Müller annoyed by the reporter

“We cannot be accused of having given up the game with any Larifari attitude”, Thomas Müller defended himself against criticism of the lack of attitude.

After the game, Müller had a strange exchange of words with the ARD reporter Valeska Homburg. When asked about the mood in the Bayern dressing room, he said a little indignantly: “You are laughing here now.” To which Homburg replied: “No, I’m not laughing.” The 31-year-old didn’t give up and said: “Of course you laughed!” The interview only continued after one more question from the reporter.

Müller was able to calm down again, but couldn’t find any explanation for the poor performance: “No, there wasn’t anything at all. The mood is accordingly. It’s disappointing and extremely bitter. We are served, you can of course imagine that the mood is not good. “

Müller is back on Instagram

The Bayern professional apparently had trouble falling asleep afterwards. In the middle of the night he posted an Instagram post in which he once again expressed his disappointment: “The last minute shock is still in our limbs. Nevertheless, at this point, congratulations to Holstein Kiel on getting ahead, that was a bit lost in the interview earlier with all the frustration. “

And the Bayern star turned to reporter Valeska Homburg again: “We could both have done it a little better – no offense.”

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