BBC facing Lady Diana’s ghost

By recounting the implosion of her marriage to Charles in an event interview broadcast in 1995, the princess changed the image of the monarchy forever. Twenty-five years later, his brother accuses the institution of manipulation to obtain the interview.

Confidence is crucial. She has to be strong enough to get a high-ranking personality to give an unfiltered TV interview. Of course, it is also the basis of a lot of scams. To succeed, you must first be generous to your “prey”, or target, by showing him an advantage, then, once the relationship of trust has been established, deliver the coup de grace.

The BBC and its journalist Martin Bashir are today accused of having used this kind of stratagem with Princess Diana and her brother, Charles Spencer, in order to be able to carry out in 1995 the shock interview broadcast in Panorama, the show that exposed the discord that reigned among the most famous couple in the world.

23 million viewers

Even more serious, Lord Spencer accuses the BBC of having deliberately covered these practices during the first investigations carried out in 1996. He wants the channel to recognize “All the gravity of the situation” and calls for an official investigation into his dishonest practices and his attempt to cover up the case. Prominent British television figures back his request [la BBC a finalement annoncé lundi 9 novembre la mise sur pied d’une enquête indépendante].

When Diana, in a black suit and her eyes underlined with kohl, sat opposite Bashir just twenty-five years ago [le 20 novembre], she would change the monarchy forever. It was a public event but also a personal one: it marked the scabrous final chapter of a royal love affair that began in 1981 with a fairytale wedding to the Prince of Wales and which is recounted on the small screen in the fourth season of The Crown [sortie le 15 novembre]. This landmark meeting in Diana’s apartments at Kensington Palace, which will be followed by 23 million viewers, was it really obtained by deception, or even the falsification of documents?

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Vanessa Thorpe

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