BDS movement and “Initiative GG 5.3 Open-mindedness”

Kosher products in a Berlin supermarket.
Image: © epd-bild / Rolf Zöllner

The plea of ​​the “Initiative GG 5.3 Open-mindedness” is right in saying that cultural freedoms have to be defended. But that is certainly not in line with the BDS movement. A guest post.

Be some topics in Germany find it difficult to remain cautious and balanced. All sides are trying to be excessive, because the debate touches the core of social self-image after 1945. We are not talking about wage wars or a new lockdown. It’s not about domestic politics, but rather about dealing with the State of Israel. In an open letter, over a thousand intellectuals and personalities from the arts and sciences are calling for the Bundestag resolution against the BDS movement to be withdrawn, which calls for a boycott of the entire land of Israel and all Jewish Israelis.

The Bundestag resolution, it was said here, caused the “overzealous monitoring of the political views of cultural workers from the Middle East and the global south”, carried out “racial profiling through the back door” and “also harmed the ongoing fight against the virulent rise of anti-Semitism worldwide as well as within the German parliament, the police, the armed forces and the secret services ”. In addition, the resolution creates a “climate of censorship” and furthermore, criticism of Israel and its politics in Germany is silenced.


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