Be careful, hackers can steal your passwords by recording your keystrokes

Microsoft, which launched the alert, asks all its users not to click on the link of a pdf file that its customers may receive.

Watch out for the new malware scam. According to our colleagues CNews relaying information, Microsoft has posted a malware alert on social networks. Last week, a vast email campaign was sent to many Internet users inviting them to download a pdf file. Named STRRAT, it contains a script according to our colleagues, which allows web hackers to insert it on your computer before it runs in the background.

If this one is not going to collect your personal data strictly speaking, it is able to find passwords or identifiers by recovering them thanks to the buttons struck on your keyboard. In addition, the malware would be able to hijack antivirus, firewalls and any security system without the user realizing it. The hacker can thus act from a distance without being seen.

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If for the time being the file sent is written in English, according to CNews, nothing prevents it from being translated into French in the coming days to fool even more Internet users. It could even be that once installed, the file has access to users’ mailboxes in order, then, to send its file in bulk.

As with every phishing attempt, extreme caution is recommended with this type of e-mail or message that appears strange. Above all, do not open attachments (…)

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