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Urban people are busy with work, and sleep deprivation at night has become commonplace, and they often take “headaches” lightly. The average person is most likely to “eat pills” and take it lightly. However, some doctors warned that the headache “may be big or small”. There was a patient in his 30s who “ignored” the headache for several days in a row. When he was sent to the hospital for a CT scan, it was discovered that the brain was caused by a burst blood vessel. There was a lot of bleeding, and the patient had already reached a very serious stage when he was sent to the hospital. The doctor had no choice but to tell the patient’s wife “to be prepared for the aftermath”.

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Ahmad Samhan, a doctor at Kuala Lumpur General Hospital, said that the male patient was only in his 30s. Although he was young, he had a history of high blood pressure. He thought the headaches for several days were normal headaches, and initially only took painkillers to deal with them. On the morning of the accident, he took painkillers not long before he had an epileptic seizure, and was rushed to the hospital almost unconscious. The hospital subsequently performed a CT scan on the man. It was found that he had a severe cerebral hemorrhage with a large area, very high blood pressure, and his brainstem was dead. His wife later learned the news and immediately burst into tears, because her husband is the mainstay of the family and the children in the family are still young.

Ahmad Sanhan lamented that too many people in modern times don’t take “headaches” seriously. Through the case sharing, I hope that many people will pay attention to their health, so as not to delay the disease for too long, and it will be too late to cause the “drug stone to be ineffective”.

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Magnesium-rich foods such as seeds, nuts, or grains, fruits, and beans that contain B vitamins are also suitable for migraine sufferers. Click the image below to learn more:

While vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids can also improve migraine headaches, adequate hydration is equally important. However, if symptoms are severe enough to even begin to interfere with daily life, you should seek medical treatment and medication. Here are some foods that people with migraines should not eat:

Chen Yixian, president of the Hong Kong College of Cardiology, said in an interview with TOPick that according to research, sleep less than 6 hours a day is considered insufficient sleep. According to a 2013 Dutch study, people with insufficient sleep have a 15% increased risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as increased risk of stroke and cerebral hemorrhage.

stroke symptoms

According to the Department of Health, a “stroke” is a “cerebrovascular accident”. Due to the blockage or bursting of a blood vessel in the brain, the brain tissue cannot receive enough nutrients and oxygen, and the affected nerve cells die, resulting in various neurological symptoms. Symptoms of stroke include hemiplegia, slurred speech, crooked mouth, slanted eyes, difficulty swallowing, incontinence, numbness, drooling, and even coma or death in severe cases.

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