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Beat Feuz’s bleeding heart

Beat Feuz is still one of the very best in downhill skiing.


After the slight disappointments in the Super-G, Beat Feuz is once again one of the fastest on the Beaver Creek descent. On the way to the podium, however, he has to survive a moment of shock.

After about 40 driving seconds, Feuz chooses a line that is too direct and races straight into a gate on the Birds of Prey in Beaver Creek. He almost takes the flag with him, only with luck and a lot of talent can he stand on his feet. Although the man from Schangnau managed to get a large part of his deficit on Sieger Kilde in this passage, at the end of the day he climbed onto the podium in third place behind Kilde and Mayer.

For Feuz it is the sixth podium in a row in this discipline. The impressive yield is temporarily in the background for the 34-year-old. The anger about the momentous mistake is too great. “It was pointless, a stupid mistake. I don’t even want to know what it costs, »says Feuz im SRF-Interview shaking his head.

«Just leave a meter more space»

“I had everything under control and I can really get in there, but suddenly the ski grips,” says Schangnauer, describing the moment of shock and immediately telling himself what he should have done better. “Just leave a meter more space and that’s no problem.”

But the main problem is the violent impact. “After that crash, I didn’t know where I was for three goals. There was quite a bag on my head, ”admits Feuz. The driving mistake he made hurts him more: “It really hurts my downhill driver’s heart.”

How good, the second chance is already on this Sunday. If Feuz draws the right conclusions from the first race, Alexander Aamodt Kilde, who was outstanding on Saturday, will also have to dress warmly.

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