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Pokko could not be more serious. Pokko doesn’t laugh with his new toy (it’s a drum). Pokko walks straight in front of her, tapping on it, in rhythm, and nothing stops her.

By the way, Pokko yells at the wolf who gives way a little too much to his instincts (by eating a rabbit). Because we are not here to have fun. It is about making the revolution.

Because Pokko’s drumbeat transforms the forest, “too calm” according to the little frog, in total celebration, gradually bringing out all the animals, even the most improbable, from their dens to join in the concert. Even Pokko’s parents will end up being overwhelmed by the surrounding madness. They had warned her, however: “We are just a small family of frogs who live in a mushroom house. We don’t like to attract attention. ”

The album, from 4 years old, is signed Matthew Forsythe (which we had already said good about here). We find with Pokko and the Drum his autumnal colors à la Tove Jansson, his illustrations where it only takes a little for the natural to turn to the fantastic, for a wise forest to be invaded by delirious plants. Here, the Montreal author is also in the script, and he describes perfectly the stubborn seriousness of a girl passionate about her toy, imperturbable, in defiance of all the prudence of adults. As his prophetic father sums it up at the start of the book: “This drum was a big mistake.”

Matthew Forsythe, Pokko and the drum, éd. Little Urban, 64 pp., 14, 50 €.

Guillaume Lecaplain


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