Beatriz Mejía: I am concerned about the way López Aliaga has been manipulating the church in Peru

The former member of the party Popular Renewal, Beatriz Mejía, expressed her concern regarding the way in which the presidential candidate Rafael López Aliaga is “manipulating” the church and deceiving the Peruvian population.

“I am seriously concerned about the way in which (López Aliaga) has been manipulating the Church of Christ in Peru and deceiving the people in Peru,” he said in an interview with 20 21.

She pointed out that the candidate for the presidential chair invited her as well as a group of Christian people to register for the party, where she was going to go as a candidate for the first vice presidency.

However, he added that the root of their separation along with another Christian group registered in the party, was due to the presentation of the party. He explained that on that occasion he was informed that the candidates for the vice presidencies were not going to speak at the event, so he asked López Aliaga if his presence was necessary.

“The response of the man was that he was going alone. (…) He removed all Christians from the WhatsApp list to Congress and dismantled the WhatsApp of the presidential plate,” he said.

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