Beaujolais Nouveau, the French art of living undermined by the coronavirus epidemic!

Beaujolais Nouveau will be no exception to the rule, and all the festivities organized for the marketing of this early wine have already been canceled.

In a few hours, amateur and experienced oenologists will be delighted to be able to uncork their bottle of “Beaujolais Nouveau”. A real institution in “the French art of living », This meeting of 3th Thursday in November will be strongly impacted this year by the health crisis.

Will the conviviality of Beaujolais Nouveau withstand the health crisis?

Although it was in 1985 that the official marketing date for Beaujolais Nouveau was set, this primeur wine appeared in the early 1950s. Since then, it is a invitation to conviviality and sharing, which is launched to the entire population. In this terroir, located north of Lyon, the “New” is the occasion for parties and gatherings of all kinds. Naturally, this year everything has been canceled.

With 20 to 22 million bottles produced each year, this primeur represents around 25% of Beaujolais production. Today it is marketed in more than 110 countries, all impacted by the health crisis. Suffice to say, that the 2020 vintage will be unlike any other.

And, the winegrowers are also alarmed, for Beaujolais Nouveau as for all their production, the closure of bars and restaurants, these places dedicated to the exchange and tasting of these beverages. Now they are all looking forward to better days, and eagerly awaiting the return from paradise, the gruff Beaujolais wine.

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