beautiful baby but little memory

The PS5 is too fast for its virtual assistant: he could not even finish his sentence (« Do not unplug the power cord, otherwise … ») that she has already moved on. This detail illustrates the speed demonstrated by the console, which we have had in our hands since the weekend (classic edition with record player at 499 €). This is due to its SSD drive, which is 100 times faster than the PS4’s hard drive. As a result, the games are launched in a snap, loading times are greatly reduced and menu navigation is ultra-smooth.

But this SSD drive is both its strength and its weakness, given its very low capacity for a console required to run increasingly heavy games. This capacity is 825 GB on paper, but it is limited to 667 GB in practice since the system needs 158 GB to be able to function. When we know that a game like Call of Duty : Black Ops Cold War asks for 225 GB of free space, that’s frankly ridiculous. Especially since it is not possible, for the moment, to store games on an external hard drive; the console does not recognize them yet. It’s simple: we were able to install seven games and our SSD was full like an egg. So much for the biggest black spot, in our eyes.

Graphically, the leap forward is quite considerable. In the games we were able to test (Demon’s Souls, COD : Black Ops Cold War, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Spider-Man: Miles Morales notably), everything seems more detailed and more fluid.

The power of the console mainly benefits the effects of light and reflection, also improving the rendering of water, fire and smoke.

Pure happiness for the eyes

In front of our screen, it’s pure happiness for the eyes: we go into another dimension. This is the result of the use of “ray-tracing”, a technology that emulates the natural behavior of light rays in the real world. On a 4K overhead projector and a 2.70 m wide image, the result is still very convincing, even if a television reproduces much better light, sharpness and contrast.

We are convinced by the new DualSense controller, which offers an impeccable grip even if shooting game enthusiasts will continue to prefer asymmetrical joysticks. The “haptic feedback” technology, which makes it possible to feel the textures, contacts and recoil movements in the hands, has very pleasantly surprised us: the sensations are more precise and more varied.

Let’s finish with the physique of the beast, which has never divided so much since the release of the very first PlayStation in 1995. We love it or we hate: we have nothing against its design, especially as the white shell , easily removable, lets hope for possibilities of customization and color change.

However, we cannot deny that it is a beautiful baby (4.5 kg) and quite bulky (39 cm, 10 cm more than the PS4). Its curves mean that it can only be placed in a horizontal position with the help of a round plastic support (15 cm in diameter). But we don’t judge on the physical, do we?

WE LOVE : its speed in game and in menus. She is silent. The controller, a success at all levels.

We don’t like : very low storage capacity. The inability to store games on an external hard drive. Its size, very bulky.


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