Beautiful: Selena Gómez wore a translucent dress that showed the bottom in detail

Selena Gómez caused a sensation by showing off her curves with a beautiful white dress that left nothing to the imagination, you can see what she is wearing below.

November 29, 2020 13:10 hs

Selena Gomez has not had an easy life, had to deal with a strong separation with the singer Justin Bieber, then overcame a disease called “lupus”, both episodes are already part of his past and today all his energy is focused on growing his career.

So, in this video Selena Gomez She is on stage with a translucent dress that reveals the tight bodysuit that she wears below, her legs are seen under the outfit, well toned.

On the other hand, Selena Gomez She is very sure of herself since she overcame all her physical problems, now she moves around the stage with great ease, singing, enjoying her moment, without a doubt this is her passion.

Specifically, the publication of Selena Gomez It has 27 million views, not counting that it received 57 thousand comments, where many express their love for the singer and how good she looks now, there are also detractor comments, but it is the least.

Undoubtedly, Selena Gomez She has become one of the favorite stars in the entertainment world, despite everything that has happened, it has been a great experience of personal growth, in addition, her unmatched beauty and incomparable talent steals everyone’s heart.

Finally, even though Selena Gomez She receives criticism in her photos, now she has shown herself apart from criticism, it seems that the North American decided to start ignoring certain things and is usually happier in this way, this is an example for the stars.


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