Beautiful, soft tears 9 songs for “Father of the Land” from “Bird – Thongchai McIntyre”

October 13, 2016 is another sadly important day in Thai history.

October 13, 2016, is a great tragic day that loyal Thai people burst into tears in the face of the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, the late King Rama IX, the father of the land who is dearly loved by the Thai people.

October 13, 2021… even after five years But when today comes to an end Sadness suddenly arises in the hearts of many (including the author).

old pictures of the father of the land His Majesty the King Stepping in every area around Thailand for the children of the Thai people has sprung up in memory along with the tears that filled the unit

and on the occasion of 5 years, the day of the death of King Rama IX, the hardest working monarch in the world I would like to pay tribute by bringing 9 songs from “Bird – Thongchai McIntyre”, the number one superstar in Thailand. singing to honor and in remembrance of His Majesty the Father of the land

For P’ Bird-Thongchai He is one of the top artists who sing songs for the father of the land in Thailand.

1. Father’s Tree

Father’s Tree Song Composer by: Phi Dee Nitipong Honak Composing/Arranging by: Apichai Yenpoonsuk

“Father’s Tree” is the first song that P’ Bird sang in honor of King Rama IX. King Rama IX on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of His Accession to the Throne in 1996

Father’s tree song has a chapter in the intro before entering the song in the style of a teacher telling students about the royal grace of King Rama IX to listen to. by saying that His Highness is more than the King because he is the father and he is more than the father because he gave more than life If Thailand is like a tree Our father was concerned about maintenance. with water from the heart until the tree grows big throughout the period of his reign

2. A gift from a lump of clay

A gift from the clay Composer Lyricist: Nitipong Honak Arranged by: Sarawut Lertpanyanuch

“A Gift from the Clay” is a song in honor of His Majesty the King. King Rama IX on the auspicious occasion of the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King’s 6th cycle, 5 December 1999

This song was written from the inspiration in the name “Bhumibol”, which means “power of the land” with the insertion of sufficiency. know love and unity and doing good in the song too

3. A picture that has every house.

Music in every house, composed by: Nitipong Honak, composed by: Apichai Yenpoonsuk, arranged by: Weerapat Ungumporn

“A Picture with Every House” is a song to honor His Majesty the King. On the occasion of the 80th birthday of King Rama IX on December 5, 2007

This song tells about the love and loyalty that Thai people’s children have for the father of the land. and ask for good deeds to follow in his father’s footsteps in the way of sufficiency given by the father

Another charm of this song is that it has children’s voices based on the concept of the song. Since the introductory speech and sang the chorus at the end with a beautiful melody

4. Our land

Song of Our Land or Alexandra : Composed by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great, composed and written by: Thanpuying Maneerat Bunnag, is the 34th royal song of His Majesty King Rama IX.

This song talks about the beauty of Thailand. that comes with beautiful melodies

P’ Bird-Thongchai used to sing this song beautifully with a magnificent soundtrack in the show “Our Land” which is an activity to honor His Majesty King Rama IX on the occasion of his birthday 5 December 2010

and P’ Bird sang this song again together with “Kun, Kaem, Dome, Tum” in a special program “Saddee Ketracha” that was broadcast on 14-17 November 2016 after the death of King Rama IX.

5. Follow in the footsteps of the King

Song “Follow the King” composed by: Chana Sevikun, Nitipong Honak Composer by: Chana Sevikun, Apichai Yenpoonsuk Arranged by: Nantapong Tosaporn Directed by music video: Prapat Kusiriwanich arm

follow in the footsteps of the king It is a song in honor of King Rama IX on the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King’s 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary on December 5, 2011.

This song still has the voices of children joining in the song. in the form of a child asking Byrd replied. It tells the story of the father of the land, the monarch who works the hardest in the world for the Thai people. which we must do good deeds to make you happy and to follow in His footsteps

This song has a special thing that is inserted, that is, the arrangement of words from the 3 songs above. “Father’s Tree”, “A Gift from the Clay” and “A Picture That Has Every House” are included at the end of the song beautifully.

6.King in the heart

“King Nai Duang Jai” is a song in honor of King Rama IX in a special project “My King, our King”, a documentary film that The Chaipattana Foundation, in collaboration with National Geographic, produces it by adopting the philosophy of living on the path of self-sufficiency. through royal history that reflects the genius perseverance monk Documentary based on true story and inspired by Dr. Sumet Tantivejkul

For the content of this song reflecting the pride of Thai people with King Rama IX He is the King in the heart that makes Thai people happy.
Smile under the umbrella of His Majesty like a father who is like a candle in his heart It is the mascot of Thai people forever.

7. The Righteous King

Righteous King Song Composer Lyricist: Kamolsak Suntanon, Piti Limcharoen Arranged by: Veerapat Ungumporn

righteous king It is a song in honor of King Rama IX on the auspicious occasion of his 86th birthday, 5 December 2013.

This song is the introduction of His Majesty the King’s royal command. “We will rule the land with righteousness. For the benefit and happiness of the Siamese people “of King Rama IX on the day of the coronation ceremony used as an important sentence for opening the song leading to the story under the royal prestige of the Thai people from the hard work of the righteous king for the Thai people

8. Father’s reason

Song: Father’s Reason, composed by: Kamolsak Suntanon and Piti Limcharoen Arranged by: Jetsada Suktramon and Thitiwat Rongthong
This song is a tribute song. On the auspicious occasion of the 70th anniversary of the reign of King Rama IX and his 89th birthday on December 5, 2016

Father’s Reason Song is the last song that P’ Bird sang to honor His Majesty during the reign of His Majesty. This song was released on October 11, 2016, after only 2 days, it was a great day of tragedy, October 13, 2016, which made Thai people’s hearts break with tears in the land.

9. King of the land

The song “King of the Land” composed by: Wichian Tantiphimonphan Composed/Arranged by: Sarawut Lertpanyanuch

This song is a song in honor of King Rama IX, prepared under the supervision of “Phi Boy-Takonkiet Virawan”, singing by Grammy artists, was presented on November 25, 2015 as another song to honor His Majesty the King that is very beautiful, telling the story under the royal prestige of the father of the land, King Rama. 9th

This song was re-sung. After King Rama IX passed away in the program “Psalm Keetra Cha” which is a special program. Aired on 14-17 Nov 2016

This version of the song “King of the Land” is a gathering of more than 30 leading artists in Thailand, led by P’Bird-Thongchai, P.Nok-Sinjai, Bie-Sukrit, Tu-Nantida, Am-Saowalak. , Moss – Patiphana and tiara – Amarit, etc., with singing that everyone distills from the heart Tribute to the father of the land with the most sad atmosphere

And here are 9 songs from “Bird – Thongchai” that have been sung to honor the father of the land. King Rama IX, the hardest working monarch in the world which is greatly loved by the Thai people and will remain in the hearts of Thai people who love the nation, religion, and the King forever.


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