Beauty YouTuber blew her face all “made” by AI! Netizens are unbelievable: Alternative Vtuber? Life-Hot Internet Talk

AI (artificial intelligence) technology is developing more and more rapidly, and it is becoming more and more difficult for everyone to distinguish between AI creations and real objects. Recently, a South Korean beauty YouTuber publicly stated that she is a “virtual person.” Although she is indeed a real person, her face is completely created by AI!

  • South Korean beauty YouTuber Rui publicly stated that she is a “virtual person” and everyone can only see her online
  • Her hair, voice, and body below the neck are all real, but her face is fake
  • Rui said that she had always wanted to be a singer but her appearance was unpleasant, but AI made her face to make her fulfill her dream, praised this as “Second Life”

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YouTuber Rui (루이) explained in the film that he is a virtual person and everyone can only see her online. However, she is not a complete “AI creation”, but actually exists in the real world. Her hair, voice, and body below the neck are all real, but her face is fake. AI has constructed her current “beauty” based on the real face. Rui said that he had always wanted to become a singer, but his appearance was not pleased, so he thought he would not succeed. After learning about AI’s plan to make faces, she tried her heart out, and the result was very popular. It is precisely because AI made her face that she has fulfilled her long-cherished dream, so she praised that this is simply “Second Life”.

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Many netizens were very surprised when they learned about it, because Rui’s face is not “fake”, and his expression is very natural just like an ordinary person. Unexpectedly, this turned out to be a face that did not exist in the real world. In this regard, some netizens think that this is actually an alternative Vtuber, but some netizens think it is difficult to accept, after all, this involves ethical and moral values. What do you think?

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