Because of his disgusting body odor.. The most famous temptation actress in the history of Egyptian cinema spoke and shocked Ahmed Zaki and refused to act with him (I don’t like why)!

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He is considered the only son of his father, who died after his birth. His mother remarried after his death to be raised with his grandfather. He graduated from the Acting and Directing Department at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in 1973, with distinction as the great artist and emperor of Arab cinema, Ahmed Zaki.

His real beginning with acting was with Abdel Moneim Madbouly during the play “Hello Shalaby” while he was studying, and upon his graduation, director Jalal Al-Sharqawi chose him to participate in the play “The School of Rioters” in 1973.

Throughout his life, he was proud of himself, which appeared in his response to Muhammad Sobhi before the movie “Al-Karnak” when he said to him: I do not accept a gift from anyone, according to Sobhi’s narration in one of the television programs in which he exposed the scenes of the matter by confirming that he had received a call from producer Mamdouh Al-Leithi He tells him that he can’t be represented in the movie because there is a problem

And it was that the artist Ahmed Zaki was scheduled to play the starring role, but the distributor refused to get the role to nominate the artist Nour Al-Sharif instead, which prompted the producer to nominate Ahmed Zaki for the role of Sobhi in the film to solve this difficult situation, and as soon as Sobhi offered the role to Ahmed until He revolted and told him that sentence.

There was a permanent conflict between him and Adel Imam, given that the latter achieves greater revenues, while the first films have greater value, and this conflict turned into a race between them over certain films, most notably the doorman, who was rejected by the leader to go to Ahmed Zaki and perform it to the fullest, and as soon as he learned Adel Imam even tried to retrieve the film, but failed to do so.

Mustafa Muharram revealed that Ahmed Zaki imposed on producer Muhammad Mukhtar and Nadia al-Jundi to participate in the movie “Al-Batiniyah”, but his offer was strongly rejected by Mukhtar and al-Jundi.

Muharram mentioned that Nadia Al-Jundi told him: How does this man do the role. However, Muharram’s insistence was eventually yielded to, and Zaki achieved great success, which opened the doors to fame and stardom in cinema.

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