Because of Loredana – Mozzik is crying in front of the camera

To date, we do not have too much private information Loredana. All that is known is that she was born as the daughter of Kosovar Albanian immigrants in Switzerland and has 9 brothers. But who the person behind Loredana really is, what her private interests are and what she did before her rap career, is still a bit of a mystery.


Now, for the first time, there are insights that we have never had before. A few moments ago Loredana announced a four-part documentary in which, in collaboration with Spotify, she allows a look behind the scenes and shows her fans how the first two years of her career went from her perspective:

“It is simply not possible to explain the last 2 years in an interview, but to describe them with pictures is. Here is the trailer for my four-part documentary that I filmed with Spotify for over 1 year. Many think that my journey is already over, but it is only just beginning. “

In addition to pictures from recent times, people from their environment will also have their say in the documentary and comment on the 25-year-old, including her manager Lucas Teuchner. But Loredana herself gives one of her extremely rare interviews and describes the past months in her life.

Completely surprising in the documentary, the first episode of which will go online next week, rapper Mozzik will also say something about his ex-wife. In the last few weeks it has become relatively clear that Loredana and Mozzik have reconciled and even get on really well despite their divorce.

Now, for the first time since the reconciliation, the Albanian rap superstar is speaking about his daughter’s mother and seems to be getting quite emotional. The trailer shows, among other things, how tears come to him in front of the camera. The statements were recorded in November this year, so they are brand new. It will be interesting to see what he has to say ..

Here you can see the excerpt

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