Because of new corona infections: Hungary closes the borders

The country is taking drastic steps to contain the pandemic and wants to seal itself off from Europe in a few days. Strict rules then also apply to Hungarian citizens.

Hungary wants to close its borders again to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus contain. “From September 1st, foreign nationals will be refused entry into Hungarian territory,” said Gergely Gulyas, chief of staff of the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban, on Friday. Most of the new infections originated abroad.

According to the new regulations, Hungarian citizens are only allowed to enter the country if they can show two negative corona tests or if they have been in for 14 days quarantine go. The border closure should initially apply for a month.

According to official figures, Hungary has so far remained from the Corona-Krise relatively spared. Authorities reported around 5,500 infections and around 600 deaths.


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