Because of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi .. Safaa Abu Al-Saud is threatened with infection with the Corona virus

The actress Safaa Abu Al-Saud topped Google search engines, after mixing with the great artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi in the condolences of her husband, Sheikh Saleh Al-Kamel.

And the artist Safa Abu Al-Saud conducted the analyzes of detecting the Corona virus and the result of the analysis appeared negative, which confirms that she was not infected, despite the contact with the artist.

Here are the most prominent comments on this incident:

Unfortunately, Rajaa Al-Jeddawi was attributed to Sheikh Saleh Kamel at Safa Abu Al-Saud on Thursday, and she was isolated on Saturday. It was in the quantity of artists and people, including my aunt due to the relationship of kinship with Safaa Abu Al-Saud. Currently, all the people that existed artists and others are isolated in their homes! May God heal all

Safaa Abu Al-Saud: Who sang for us the song of our cell, we turn around and we sing a lot of it is “Saad Nabiha, who keeps it a beautiful memory after the Eid”, and after many years we knew that it was “we were happy with it”: “D Happy Eid, and each year, you are kind people of the honorable classic, and that God willing, you will be fine and I will not keep you any corona or need

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