Because of Saudi Arabia .. Qatar buys the rights to broadcast the Champions League at a low price

A decision by the English Premier League has returned the spotlight to the Saudi Public Investment Fund’s purchase of Newcastle United after the deal faltered earlier last year.

And the English Professional League decided not to demand that Saudi Arabia remain on the US government’s list of piracy for the year 2021, according to the newspaper, “Al Arabiya.”The Independent“.

Newcastle’s owner, Mike Ashley, is still determined to allow the club’s 300 million pounds (more than 423 million US dollars) to be acquired by a coalition led by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, as it is fighting legal battles against what was described as the League’s procrastination in completing the deal. .

The joint acquisition between a consortium consisting of the Saudi Public Investment Fund and PCB Capital Partners owned by British businesswoman, Amanda Stifley, in addition to Robin Brothers, collapsed after the withdrawal of the Saudi wealth fund that stands on his pyramid, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during July of the year 2020.

Last April, British media reports revealed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman asked British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to intervene to pass the acquisition of Newcastle Football Club.

The English Professional Clubs Association, the English Professional Clubs, suspended the deal in May 2020 due to the widespread reporting of the apparent link between the Public Investment Fund and the Saudi state as one of the main obstacles to the progress of the acquisition, particularly due to the country’s record in piracy.

At the time, the association described Saudi Arabia as a “centre for piracy” in a report submitted to the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) during February 2020, while a World Trade Organization report later that year stated that the Saudi government facilitated piracy activities on rights to broadcast matches International competitions through the “BeoutQ” network, which is owned by the Qatari network beIn Sport.

Although the Premier League emphasizes its focus on online piracy, the US Trade Representative’s special report published at the end of April says it “remains concerned about the high levels of online piracy in Saudi Arabia”.

The report, which keeps the Gulf kingdom on the US government’s priority watch list, adds that illicit broadcasting devices are “widely available and generally unregulated in Saudi Arabia.”

However, the report acknowledged some steps taken by the Saudi authorities in combating piracy and intellectual property theft.

Despite this, the exclusive rights holder of the English Premier League matches in the Middle East and North Africa, the Qatari network, “beIN”, is still banned from broadcasting in the country despite the end of the crisis between the two countries during the Al-Ula summit at the beginning of this year.

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