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Because of the Covid, the latest Xbox and PlayStation are not successful

Sf the Covid-19 epidemic has boosted video game sales, in particular due to lockdowns and curfews, the virus has the opposite effect on the last two star consoles in the digital world, the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. In question, according to Europe 1, a lack of components, pandemic obliges.

The radio specifies that Microsoft and Sony do not communicate on their sales, but that, according to the specialist Madness, 165,000 PlayStation 5 and 86,000 Xbox Series X had been sold in France at the end of December 2020. This is much less – around 30% – than in 2013, when the American and Japanese manufacturers released their previous consoles, selling them, in the same time frame, to 240,000 copies for the PlayStation 4 and 126,000 for the Xbox One.

I really want to thank people for their patiencePhil Spencer, head of Xbox Game Studios

For Europe 1, Ina Gelbert, director of Xbox France, specified the reasons for this delay. “Already, in normal times, our factories have limited production capacities. The Covid created additional constraints, we had to adapt, ”she said. Apologizing to the players, Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox Game Studios, for his part, in a video posted on YouTube: “I wish we had more consoles, but they sell out so quickly. We don’t hold them back, I assure you, we make them as quickly as possible. All the factories are running at full speed. “And to continue:” I was still on the phone last week with our suppliers to try to have more components. I really want to thank people for their patience, we’re doing our best! “

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French radio explains that Microsoft and Sony are powered by the same graphics card supplier, AMD. But the latter is struggling to meet the very strong demand in recent months. As a result, supply for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is only expected to improve around March or April, Europe 1 believes.

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