Because of the delta variant – four out of five Swiss people should be vaccinated

80 percent should be vaccinated

The federal government and the cantons have set themselves the goal of getting 80 percent of people in Switzerland vaccinated against Covid-19. The “NZZ am Sonntag” reports this, citing several well-informed people. In terms of the entire population, that would be around 6.9 million vaccinated.

So far, 5.2 to 5.7 million people had been vaccinated. The reason for the increased target is the delta variant of the corona virus. “We expect the Delta variant to be dominant in Switzerland in four to six weeks,” said Urs Karrer, Vice President of the scientific task force. The delta variant can be particularly dangerous for those who have not been vaccinated. In order to avert a heavy wave in autumn, as many people as possible would have to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The information from the Federal Office of Public Health is now targeting various target groups, including young women. The cantons are also taking measures to ensure that as many people as possible get vaccinated.

Compensation for side effects?

Because of the serious side effects of the Covid 19 vaccination, two people are demanding money from the federal government. As the “NZZ am Sonntag” reports, they have submitted a request for compensation or satisfaction to the Department of Home Affairs (EDI). A spokeswoman for the newspaper confirmed this. However, she did not provide any information on the senders of the requests, the requested amounts of money and the claimed vaccination side effects. The demands are based on a provision in the Epidemics Act. There is no amount stipulated for the compensation. In the case of satisfaction, on the other hand, there is an upper limit of 70,000 francs.

Michel Jordi launches hybrid face mask

Michel Jordi, who once became known for his ethno clocks, is launching a new idea: The “SonntagsBlick” reports on the hybrid face mask he developed together with seven companies, consisting of a transparent shield and an exchangeable filter.

“Maskit” is a certified community mask, the filter of which can be washed up to ten times and used several times. they ensure safety, facial visibility, good breathability and acoustics, says Jordi. The mask is currently being tested at the Savoy Hotel Baur Zurich. The complete mask should cost around 50 francs. Safe protection against the corona virus will be necessary for a long time, despite the loosening of the mask requirement, says Michel Jordi.

Lots of student computers are standing around

Many pupils equipped themselves with computers because of the school closings in the corona lockdown in spring 2020. But now there are a number of devices standing around unused, as the “NZZ am Sonntag” writes based on a survey by the Swiss Coordination for Educational Research (SKBF) among around 6,500 schoolchildren. This was carried out at primary schools, vocational schools and grammar schools. Education researcher Stefan Wolter was quoted as saying: “We are still a long way from widespread use of digital possibilities.” Dagmar Rösler, President of the umbrella association for teachers in Switzerland (LCH) defends herself against the impression that the teachers are having a hard time with digitization: “The vast majority have jumped on the bandwagon”.

Corona self-tests bring a lot of money

Corona self-tests bring the providers good money, as the “SonntagsZeitung” and “Le Matin Dimanche” report. For the five tests, which are given free of charge per person and month, the federal government pays around 60 francs, which is far more than the production costs. The production of a single test costs about one franc.

Roche, for example, buys the tests from the manufacturer SD Biosensor in South Korea for just under two francs and charges dealers in Switzerland 5.50 francs per test. After Roche, pharmacies and online providers also make money with the way the newspapers write. Roche did not want to provide any information on the income from the tests. The contractual partners are also not allowed to disclose anything. In the meantime, the Federal Council has reduced the price that it sets for obtaining the tests in the pharmacy from 12 to 10 francs. In addition, the tests are no longer free for vaccinated people.

Eurofighter is preferred by the army

After indiscretions that the Federal Council should decide in favor of the US stealth jet F-35 before the summer break, the “SonntagsBlick” reports on a letter that enclosed the offer for the Eurofighter to Switzerland. The defense ministers of Germany, Italy, Spain and Great Britain signed the letter.

In the letter, Switzerland is offered cross-border partnerships in the areas of military cooperation, energy, economic cooperation, scientific networking, environmental and transport policy, digital technologies, cyber security and infrastructure projects, as the newspaper reports based on sources not mentioned. In the administration, a strong group praised the arms business as a means of compensating for European political risks. The army, however, prefer the F-35.

Counteroffensive by Eurofighter manufacturer Airbus

The “SonntagsZeitung” reports on a counter-offensive by Eurofighter manufacturer Airbus: All seven Federal Council members would have to assess the overall package, says Bernhard Brenner, Head of Sales at Airbus Defense and Space. It should not be the case that the decision in favor of the new Swiss fighter jet is made solely on the basis of military criteria. “The economic and political elements are just as important.”

Airbus claims that if the negotiations on the framework agreement are broken off, relations with the EU could be improved. If Switzerland decides to work with three EU countries, this will simplify the dialogue with the EU and help to find new ways with Brussels.

SP wants dialogue with the EU again

The SP would like Bern and Brussels to talk to each other again soon after the broken off negotiations on a framework agreement. SP Co-President and National Councilor Cédric Wermuth (AG) and National Councilor Fabian Molina (ZH) therefore took part in a meeting of Europe’s social democratic party leaders on Friday, June 25, as reported by “SonntagsBlick”.

Molina was quoted as saying that the SP counts on direct contacts with European social democrats, especially those who sit in the EU Commission. Wermuth and Molina spoke to the German SPD candidate for Chancellor Olaf Scholz, among others. She also contacted Elisa Ferreira, the EU Commissioner for Cohesion and Nicolas Schmidt, the EU Commissioner for Employment and Social Affairs.

Sunrise UPC is investing 3 billion

Sunrise UPC plans to invest around 3 billion francs in Switzerland over the next five years. This is what Mark Fries, head of Liberty Global, the parent company of Sunrise UPC, said in an interview with “NZZ am Sonntag”. The expansion of 5G and upgrading the fixed network to speeds of 10 gigabytes required huge investments. Sunrise UPC wants to gain market share, both among business customers and private customers. The company has a strong lever in hand: “We can advertise mobile services to the existing UPC customer base and offer fixed-line products to the existing Sunrise customer base. The combined customer base offers a lot of potential for cross-selling. “

Discussions about the gender star

The gender star is causing the Association of Swiss German Teachers (VSDL) to frown. The asterisk, which is supposed to help women no longer just be included, should be allowed to be used in high schools and middle schools, but should not be marked as a mistake. This is how the association wants to handle it, as reported by the “SonntagsZeitung”.

Pascal Frey, President of the VSDL, reveals himself as an opponent of the asterisk: «It seems to be a plausible means of expressing that everyone is meant. In fact, it only circumvents the necessary broad social discussion ». At the beginning of the week it became known that the Federal Chancellery does not allow gender star, gender double point, gender gap and gender media point in federal texts. According to the newspaper report, the cantons decide on permitted spellings at grammar schools.

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