Because of the mask affair: Nüßlein leaves CSU

Status: March 8th, 2021 4:58 p.m.

In the course of the mask affair, the member of the Bundestag Nüßlein left the CSU. This was announced by General Secretary Blume. Nüßlein apparently wants to keep his parliamentary seat despite sharp criticism.

Member of the Bundestag Georg Nüßlein, who is suspected of corruption in connection with mask business, has resigned from the CSU. The party’s general secretary, Markus Blume, said the Christian Socialist Presidium had taken note of the decision to end its membership in the CSU. “This step was inevitable, also to avert further damage to the CSU.”

Blume called on Nüßlein to resign from his parliamentary mandate and to make amends. He emphasized that in times of crisis people rightly place great trust in politics, which should not be destroyed by the misconduct of individuals. “The Christian-Social Union condemns very clearly that representatives of the people are turning the crisis into business. Those who enrich themselves through hardship leave the moral compass and political decency lacking.”

Group already left

Nüßlein sat for the CSU in the Bundestag for almost 20 years, most recently as deputy parliamentary group leader of the Union. He is said to have received commissions of 660,000 euros for brokering transactions with corona protective masks. The Munich Public Prosecutor’s Office is therefore conducting investigations into suspected corruption. Nüßlein denies all allegations.

He had already resigned from his position as parliamentary deputy of the Union on Friday and said he would no longer run for the Bundestag in September. On Sunday he announced his resignation from the Union parliamentary group, but he wants to keep his mandate until the end of the electoral term.

Löbel resigns immediately

The fact that he wants to remain a member of parliament for over six months has met with sharp criticism from all sides. The CDU MP Nikolas Löbel, who is also criticized for six-figure commission payments, had not only terminated his CDU membership and left the Union parliamentary group after heavy pressure, but also resigned his mandate in the Bundestag.

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