Because of this picture.. sharp criticism of Mustafa Qamar with his daughter during prayer

The Egyptian artist, Mostafa Qamar, exposed himself to a violent attack and sharp criticism from his followers, after he published, through his account on the photo-sharing application (Instagram), a picture of his daughter Judy praying next to him.

Mostafa Qamar indicated that he secretly filmed her because she was embarrassed. He wrote, commenting on the photo: “I tried to film her praying next to me without feeling anything but air. She was mean and saw the camera,” noting that he filmed the video clip while his daughter was praying, but she She was hiding her face, asking: “Amal, why don’t you slack off, Judy, why do you sing?”, according to (her).

Immediately after posting the photo, Qamar was faced with a campaign of harsh comments, as some of his followers denounced his wearing of sunglasses during prayer, but one of them answered, explaining that he was wearing the glasses because he felt pain in his eyes due to the hot weather, in addition to the fact that Islamic law does not forbid prayer with glasses.

A number of Mustafa Qamar’s followers denounced his taking pictures with his daughter during prayer, and his daughter’s annoyance with filming at that time.. Mustafa responded to the followers’ criticism and deleted the photo hours later, and also deleted from his account on (Tik Tok), the video documenting the prayer that he referred to.

It is reported that the Egyptian artist celebrated the marriage of his eldest son Iyad a few days ago, in a ceremony attended by a number of artists, many of whom were keen to participate in singing.


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