Because racist: Pizza Hawaii will be called differently in the future

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The Hawaiian pizza is to be renamed in the name of political correctness. Because your name serves “colonialist stereotypes” – this also applies to the toast.

Hamburg – Hardly any variant in the history of pizza is as controversial as the “Pizza Hawaii”. And anyone who has ever dared to ask an Italian for his opinion on the version with pineapple and boiled ham knows that the sweet and salty dough product has long had a larger community that would celebrate the day it was abolished.

Now the “specialty” is currently in the focus of criticism not because of questions of taste, but for its name – a fate that has met many other dishes before, such as “curry”, which was renamed by food experts and Bloggers are challenged because the term is racist.

50th State of the United States: Hawaii (since 1959)
Capital city: Honolulu
Area: 28.311 km²
Resident: 1.416 million (2019)

“Order pineapple pizza instead of Hawaiian pizza. Also applies to the toast! ”This post was posted by the Linke PoC / Migrantifa group on Facebook. In the post, the activists explain that the expression “Pizza Hawaii” is extremely problematic. Not because it is an attack on – above all – Italian taste buds, but because it is associated with a “history of colonialism and appropriation”.

In fact, the variant of the pizza, which consists of base dough, tomato sauce, ham, pineapple and cheese – you guessed it – was invented by the restaurateur Sam Panopoulos, neither in Hawaii nor in Italy, but in Chatham, Canada in 1962.

Gypsy sauce and co .: More and more classics are getting new names because of “racism”

The “problem pizza” is not alone in this. Whether Bahlsen, Nestlé, Knorr – or other brands. More and more companies are currently receiving accusations of racism because of their product names. The consequence: renaming to politically more correct names. For example, the gypsy sauce is now on the shelves as the “Hungarian style paprika sauce”. The basically only consistent demand on restaurateurs to also remove the “gypsy schnitzel” from the menu does not meet with approval from every host.

Food of contention: It is not the taste, but the name of the “problem pizza” that heats the mind

So now the “Pizza Hawaii” threatens the same fate as the above-mentioned “Gypsy Schnitzel”. “Pizza Hawaii” should in future be called “Pizza Ananas”, and the “Toast Hawaii” should also be ordered as “Toast Ananas”, according to the demand of the Swiss group Linke PoC / Migrantifa, which calls itself “self-organized anti-racists”. The reference of the name to the archipelago in the Pacific serves deep colonial resentment.

The name “Hawaii” is associated with the history of colonialism and appropriation, because it is precisely with the pineapple cultivation that the indigenous population was exploited by white settlers. The debate is therefore not directly about racism, but about “colonial stereotypes”.

Ciao, “Pizza Hawaii”: The demand for the abolition of the “specialty” does not come from Italy – but from Switzerland!

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New Political Correctness: Racism allegations for cookies and pizza

The story is reminiscent of the debate about the name of a biscuit that supposedly “only” had a geographical name: after more than 60 years, the Hanover-based biscuit manufacturer Bahlsen renamed its “Africa” ​​waffles after a racism shitstorm. The dark waffle biscuit is now called “Perpetum”.

In the end the question remains: Who would really cry for the “Pizza Hawaii”? Surprisingly many: surveys have shown that it is actually the second most popular pizza in Germany after the salami variant *! It is particularly popular among respondents aged 65+ with 29.09 percent – while younger respondents between 18 and 24 years of age suffer less with 17.16 percent and 25 to 34-year-olds with 18.89 percent . Well, fortunately (or unfortunately) a new name doesn’t change the taste of the pineapple-ham-on-dough dish. *, and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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2 thoughts on “Because racist: Pizza Hawaii will be called differently in the future”

  1. I would bet nobody asked the Hawaiians if they also feel it like this? If white people decide what minorities think it’s just facism. White people should stop deciding for minorities. Otherwise we incapacitate them.

    And what about all the other Pizzas with regional references? It would be also a shame for our democracy if some activist have more power about the politic than the most petitions.

    Without any opinions from “victims” such racism allegations.

    As a homosexual man it also annoys that those people want to tell me what is homophobic. White people who decide for minorities Without asking them is same problematic than white people who are racists.

    Dont treat minorities like they are retarted. We have an own mouth. Please just stop treat us like this. Meanwhile I hate those activists as well than Neo Nazis. They don’t treat me like A Retarted, they just treat me like I am sick and disgusting and yes that way better than this.

    Please just stop. First ask us or them and then fight for our rights. But don’t fight for any things we didn’t asked for. That’s not democratic It’s just facism. A white group of people decides for minorities. Why do you guys think this is better than that what the Nazis did?

    And that one month before the election. The AfD will thank you for that. All other people just hate you for doing so. That’s the best election advertisement they could imagine.

    Please think about the consequences of your doings. And please give us an interview with an Hawaiian who feels racially insulted through the Hawaiian Pizza.

    BTW what about Kentucky, Dallas, Turkey (With Sujuk, Not Turkey), Washington Pizzas and What about the Wiener sausages and cutlet. I bet there are more Wieners who feel insulted if they get called sausages than Hawaiians.

    In my opinion is it not even possible that a regional reference is in anyway racist. Why it’s just a problem if people with other skin color is involved? Isn’t that racist too? You obviously make difference between white people and people with other skin color.

    Is this “Migrantifa” even legit? Feels more like a Internet troll.

    I am btw liberal and left. I also have many Antifa Stickers on any of my devices. But if I see any “Migrnatifa” stickers in public I have to remove them. Than the “Antifa” part is obviously a lie. That what you are doing is the best example for facism. A small white group decides for many other people without any political or democratic practice. Also without any journalistic work. You only decide. It’s not direct facism, but it’s like an Oligarchy or Authoritarianism. But it’s not democratic. You “Activists” didn’t ask anyone who is concerned about it. There were few examples people who were concerned even had to tell you that it’s not racist for them. Example Andrew Onuegbu.

    Oligarchy (from Greek ὀλιγαρχία (oligarkhía); from ὀλίγος (olígos) ‘few’, and ἄρχω (arkho) ‘to rule or to command’)
    You few command what the minorities have to feel. If you claim anything also put an interview with it online.

    • “Without any opinions from “victims” such racism allegations” have no great value.
      Damn it forgot some words ^^ I need the translator to often and then I got confused


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