Because they don’t know what’s going to happen: chaos and anarchy in pizza and CNN

Updated April 27, 2020, 8:43 a.m.

“Because they don’t know what’s going on,” this time fluctuates between chaos and anarchy. If the games don’t really keep you awake, a mixture of “shit on it” attitude, pizza and a bug in the RTL control room that gives viewers an alternative program from the news channel CNN can be refreshing.

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With three unsuspecting moderators without a plan – this is also the start on Saturday evening “Because they don’t know what’s going to happen – the Jauch-Gottschalk-Schöneberger Show”. And as always, one of the three show stars has to moderate what everyone, according to Schöneberger, would most like to avoid.

This time it is Gottschalk who has to moderate the show, which is reminiscent of a classic, colorful television evening. Schöneberger and Jauch, on the other hand, have to compete against “mountain doctors” Hans Sigl and Mark Keller in nine rounds, the prominent guests of the evening.

“It is laughed today until the doctor comes,” promises voice-over and game explorer Thorsten Schorn.

Günther Jauch right at the beginning “kotzübel”

The game will again be played for 50,000 euros, shared by the everyday heroes – the team of a supermarket in Mülheim an der Ruhr and bus drivers from Trittau.

“Why do you have to feel sick right at the beginning of the show”, a sweaty cheer wails after the first game, in which the protagonists have to sit in a constantly rotating wheel and answer questions.

It is hardly surprising that Gottschalk gives chaos right from the start of his moderation. It is rather surprising that the “mountain doctors” are rather clumsy in rewriting and guessing terms. They suffered a severe defeat in this game, which prompted Sigl to give Freund Keller an ironic “You were great!” throw in, which this one quick-witted “Thank you, you too!” returned.

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DSWNWP: “Is it all real on TV?”

And yet: The dramaturgy arch initially sneaks around the baseline, and after about 45 minutes of broadcasting, essentially nothing has happened. It is always a question of whether Gottschalk would be able to find the cross on the ground intended for moderating the game rounds in a reasonably short time.

When he finally succeeds, the next problem is already waiting: The “Wetten, dass ..?” – Blondschopf only sporadically understands the rules of the game that he himself read out. “Sorry, is that all real on TV?”, The Austrian Hans Sigl is also surprised.

RTL suddenly broadcasts CNN program

But Gottschalk is not alone responsible for breakdowns in the program. The fact that the CNN channel suddenly runs for 20 seconds out of the blue makes the viewers wake up for a short time, but was probably not planned by RTL. “Imagine you would have seen ‘Hustler TV’ or something like that instead,” is how you imagine yourself within the Twitter community.

There is also strong hope that the CNN audience was not confronted with the RTL program in return, because even a short excerpt from a tiring game like “The Picture Shredder” or the “Panzerknacker Quiz” would have given some viewers of the US Let news channels take up arms quickly.

The explanation for the CNN faux pas was delivered by Thorsten Schorn on the show: “We plugged something wrong in the control room.”

Anarcho-TV: Gottschalk moderates with a full mouth

Barbara Schöneberger orders pizza during the show.

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

Over the course of the hours Gottschalks Scheiss on it! “Attitude becomes more and more evident and is also manifested in the fact that Schöneberger orders pizza at some point – and the consumption of which is then actually tackled by everyone on the show.

Gottschalk, who shoves a large part of his throat and wrongly thinks that an advertising break would now follow, does not seem to be bothered to explain the next game with his mouth full.

And Schöneberger, who obviously has really powerful coal steam, sends a piece of the peristalsis down into the valley every now and then in the next 20 minutes.

“The wall” again strains the patience of the viewers

In any case, the “mountain doctors” have little to oppose the team “Jauchberger”, who decide the 7 rounds 7-2 for themselves. However, the decision is only made in the final game “Die Wand”, which keeps the viewer on a patience due to its length.

The rules in a nutshell: One from each team must stand in a wall with as many bricks sticking out as the opposing team had scored in the previous rounds. The other member of the team has to answer knowledge questions. For every correct answer, a stone pushes itself out of the wall of the opponent, which makes it increasingly difficult to find a stop there.

Senior physician and gecko: Mark Keller is absolutely great in hanging out

After 15 minutes “The Wall” you are already wondering what is going on at CNN. Also because one already suspects from Mark Keller’s mighty Muckis that this could be a long evening.

And indeed: the actor manages to hold onto the wall in the only two remaining niches. When Barbara Schöneberger answered her next question correctly, he too had to surrender to gravity.

“Has this miserably long (boring) final game been played to the end before?” Someone wants to know afterwards on Twitter. A good question, which is probably not that easy to answer. Because people who saw the finale of “Because they don’t know what happened” and didn’t fall asleep in the process are not so easy to find.

Image for bars for Rares, ZDF, TV show, Horst Lichter, Trödel

“I’m annoyed if I don’t outbid you!” – It was not really rational to understand why two of the “Bares for Rares” dealers pushed the price of an oil painting ever higher.


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