Become a Dinosaur Expert and Navigate Jurassic Park: BuzzFeed Quizzes and Puzzles

2023-09-27 15:24:15
BuzzFeed Quizzes and Puzzles

This quiz is not for the faint of heart. If you make the wrong decision, you’ll soon be dinosaur food.

When you watch films, do you ever think that the characters make the worst possible decisions? And thereby end up in an even more awkward situation than already? Well then, welcome to the club. The characters from “Jurassic Park,” for example, could have been saved so much more easily (and, above all, with fewer deaths) if only they had used their common sense. Instead, in the films it was mostly just Dr. Alan Grant, who everyone has placed their cards on.

The poor guy can’t save your life if you do exactly the opposite of what he says!!! Okay, now I’m getting a little off topic. We created a quiz about dinosaurs some time ago. Now we’re going one step further and sending you to Jurassic Park in person. Find out now if you survive.

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