Before Death: NFL Star Vincent Jackson Suffers From Brain Disease

Was that the cause of death? Vincent Jackson was found dead in his hotel room in February. The professional footballer’s sudden death puzzled officials. The last time it was diagnosed was that the athlete suffered from chronic alcoholism – but did he also die from it? A new examination of his head may now reveal the secret: Vincent apparently had a previously completely undiscovered brain disease.

Im TV-Format “Good Morning America” said Dr. Ann McKee, who examined the NFL star’s brain: According to this, “several areas of the brain in both halves were affected by chronic-traumatic encephalopathy”. This is a neural disorder that often occurs after being hit or knocked in the head. As a result, mood changes, aggressive behavior and depression can occur, explained the expert.

Hence it seems conceivable that it will Vincent It became more and more difficult to concentrate and focus on things. His widow Lindsay speculated on the show that her husband might have reached for the bottle because of this: “He told me that his head was foggy and that the alcohol made it better.”

Vincent Jackson at an NFL game in September 2015
Vincent Jackson, Ex-NFL-Star
Vinvent Jackson during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Arizona Cardinals game, 2016


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