Before disbanding, BRTI was asked to complete the regulation on offer SMS all pages – The Indonesian Consumer Community (KKI) again urged the Agency Regulation Telecommunications Indonesia ( BRTI) to manage the short message service SMS (short message service) containing promotional offers.

The chairman of KKI, David Tobing, said that this pressure had returned because BRTI was included in the list of non-structural institutions that would be dissolved by President Joko Widodo.

The decision to dissolve was stipulated in Presidential Regulation Number 112 of 2020 which was signed on November 26, 2020. Thus, BRTI will be officially disbanded from October 2021.

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Prior to the deadline, David specifically asked BRTI to publish immediately regulation about Offer SMS which many people complain about.

This is because according to David, the increasing number of SMS offers sent to cellular operator subscribers is considered unsettling because they occur without first asking for user approval.

In September 2020, KKI sent a letter to BRTI urging strict regulations to regulate offer SMS sent by cellular operators or third parties to users.

BRTI then followed up on the letter by inviting related parties such as telecommunication operators to formulate matters to be regulated.

However, until now, BRTI has not issued the regulations requested by KKI. David also regretted the sluggish performance of BRTI.

“It is very unfortunate that until now BRTI has not issued this regulation, even though it is in accordance with its expertise and authority to issue regulations Offer SMS by BRTI is not something difficult, “said David in an accepted statement KompasTekno, Tuesday (2/3/2021).

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David said that the regulation must be formed to protect the rights of privacy, accuracy and transparency on the part of consumers of telecommunications services.

The rights are regulated such as content restrictions included in the offer SMS service and time limits for sending to users of telecommunications services.

Consumers also need to be given the flexibility to refuse to accept offer services via SMS in any form from telecommunication service business actors.

Furthermore, David also asked to set a time limit for sending offer SMS, especially on weekdays, from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 18.00.

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In addition, the content of the SMS offer that is sent must first be approved by the consumer, for example it is limited to food and beverage products only.

Finally, David also proposed sanctions for telecommunication service business actors who did not comply with the regulations set out above.

“Sanctions regulation is very necessary if telecommunication service business actors do not comply with the regulations that have been and will be issued by BRTI in the form of administrative sanctions, fines and revocation of operational permits,” concluded David.


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