Before returning to Masterchef Celebrity, Vicky Xipolitakis faced the accusations: “I don’t cheat”

Vicky Xipolitakis spoke about her relationship with her colleagues in “Masterchef Celebrity” (Video: “Cortá por Lozano” – Telefe)

Vicky xipolitakis is one of the most charismatic participants of Masterchef Celebrity. To its habitual self-confidence and spontaneity, added a game of seduction with the relentless jury German Martitegui and received strong accusations of being helped by the production and of not being the author of the dishes herself. After testing positive for coronavirus, its place was taken by Christian Sancho, and today announced that this week he returns to the program.

Vicky spoke about these topics and several others during her visit to Cut by Lozano, the program that leads Veronica Lozano in the afternoons of Telefe. In a kind of press conference, the participant cleared up these doubts, shared her experience in reality and posed how she imagines the return to the most famous kitchens on television.

Xipolitakis thanked Sancho for defending the place and told how the disease had passed. “When I found out that I had COVID-19, I was scared, but I said: ‘I have to be strong because I am alone with my baby,” she explained, referring to Salvador, the son he had with the businessman Javier Naselli, from whom she is separated. “It also gave me a bit of anger, because I always took all the precautions,” he added and told his current state. “I have no smell or taste but I’m fine, and that’s the important thing”, he said, which generated the question almost in chorus of the panel: “How do you cook without taste or smell?” “I was practicing at home, the magic magic ”, Vicky replied.

The answer led to Marcelo polino to ask him for the dwarf, the mysterious character who, according to social media theories, would help Vicky in her preparations. “I don’t even know the dwarf, I don’t even know who he is, there is no one,” the participant defended herself, and became serious, clarifying that she would be unable to receive help. “It would be a lack of respect to my colleaguesWe are all playing for the same thing, and the dishes and ovens are all the same. I would not cheat, it is the first time I show the person and not the character”, He answered in tune with his first participation in the program.

Vicky Xipolitakis defended herself against the accusations against her (Video: “Cortá por Lozano” – Telefe)

Polino wanted to know who had sent him messages during his illness, with particular emphasis on Germán Martitegui, the implacable jury with which Vicky had twists and turns, among several seductions and some other challenge. “Martitegui sent me a message, also El Turco, El Polaco, Claudia (Villafañe), Patricia Sosa and on the last day (Sofía) Pachano wrote me “, listed Xipolitakis.

“Did something happen with Martitegui, was there a message, the two enthralled, the two feverish? ”, inquired Lozano, andn reference to the fact that the jury also tested positive for coronavirus. “He is a very gentleman, I discovered that they seem serious or bad, but they are good”, he replied evasively, involving the rest of the jury. “Is he a gentleman … does he send hot dogs to your house?” The driver insisted. “He does not exchange, but I asked,” Vicky responded mischievously, adding in reference to the expected reunion: “We will see what happens when I return, I have not seen him for a long time.

“I think there is fire, tension, are you going to think what underwear to wear?”Lozano returned to the charge. “Vero, please, it’s a television contest,” Polino intervened with a laugh. Already more serious, the participant spoke of the expected reunion with the jury. “Things come to me, I don’t go with things armed, we’ll see what happens when I see it. I like him very much, I really like how good a father he is, how he lives for his children, how he takes care of them. A woman likes that a lot “, full.

In another fragment, Polino asked him about the statements of Rocío Marengo, the last eliminated from the competition, who lowered his thumb, arguing that he does not cook well and that he puts all his energy into seducing the jury. “I love Rocío, I feel sorry when someone leaves, I like everyone very well,” replied the star, always avoiding the controversy. “It is a very nice group, with very good energy “he added.

Xipolitakis has been flirting with Martitegui since the program began

He also didn’t get hooked when the comedian Costa referred to the sayings of Iliana Calabró, which ensured that the rating peak belonged to her and that Vicky did not participate much in the group chat. “Congratulations,” Vicky evaded again. “They talk all day, and I can’t read that much. I just watch it ”, he justified his absence from the WhatsApp. Journalist Mauro Szeta he wanted to know why the rest of the participants had not written to him during their illness. “They wanted to let me recover calmly”, he eluded again. He also stayed out of the dispute between the “bichis”, which make up Sofía Pachano and Leticia Siciliani, and “las bichas”, formed by the Marengo – Analía Franchín duo. “I do not like the crack, I do not pigeonhole in anything. I am popular, of the people “, he sentenced.

On the other hand, if it was played, it was before Lozano’s question about which participant would like to return to the contest in a possible playoff. “Patricia Sosa “he answered without hesitation. “It seems very warm to me personally. I discovered her as a human being and I loved it“Added a Xipolitakis far from controversy, enjoying motherhood and waiting for the return to competition. “This little cook will come back with everything”, he anticipated before isolating himself. This week you will have the opportunity to prove it.


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