Before the Corona summit: Country leaders and Brinkhaus kill praise for Altmaier! – Domestic policy

Economy Minister Peter Altmaier (62, CDU) is coming under increasing pressure due to the chaos in financial aid for companies!

The prime ministers in particular are angry because aid is flowing slowly or not at all. A resolution proposal for the Corona summit on Wednesday caused a particular stir.

BILD learned: At pressure from country leaders and Union faction leader Ralf Brinkhaus (52, CDU), praise for Altmaier was struck out of the paper again!

In an overview drawn up on Monday, Altmaier’s ministry and that of Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) for “economic aid and restart culture” should be praised under item 12. To the massive displeasure of Brinkhaus and the Prime Minister. They intervened – with success!

In the draft resolution from Tuesday (completed at 10.15 a.m.) there is no praise.

The paper now says soberly:

► “Since the end of November, more than 5 billion euros have been paid out to the companies concerned (November and December aid).” “Bridging aid III will begin to be paid out this month”, “with generous advance payments (up to 100,000 euros per month ) “.

► Next: “In talks with the EU, the Federal Government has also succeeded in more than doubling the EU aid framework for corona-related damage.”

The Federal Minister of Economics and the Federal Ministry of Finance are no longer even mentioned!

Country bosses and Brinkhaus kill praise for Altmaier!

Bitter for the minister: In the virtual meeting of the Union faction in the Bundestag (via video switch) on Tuesday, according to participants, the scraps also flew because of the Corona aid!

Representatives of the economic wing accused Altmaier of mismanagement. They insist on faster payment, see companies and the self-employed in ever greater need because even the November aid has still not been paid out in full to applicants.

► Union parliamentary group leader Brinkhaus said according to participants to Altmaier: “That didn’t go well!” He was “really tired of begging and pleading”. Brinkhaus received a lot of applause for his Altmaier attacks at the meeting.

When the Minister of Economics tried to justify himself, there was a violent exchange with Brinkhaus. Altmaier even wanted to cut him off! He forbade that, wanted to explain the situation to his colleagues.

Altmaier speaks of “tough guerrilla warfare”

Altmaier speaks of a “tough guerrilla fight with the BMF”, means the Federal Ministry of Finance under Olaf Scholz (62, SPD). Scholz block the payout.

► Emmi Zeulner (33, CSU) nevertheless sees Altmaier’s responsibility: “I don’t think everyone in your house means well with you,” she said to the minister.

► The Hamburg interior expert Christoph de Fries (37, CDU) advises Altmaier to give up his “courtesy” towards the SPD.

Brinkhaus meanwhile conciliatory to the Federal Minister of Economics: “I know that you do a lot and that it is very difficult.”

Carsten Linnemann (43, CDU, chairman of the SME and Economic Union, deputy chairman of the parliamentary group) drew a devastating conclusion: “There is a steamroller driving our retail business,” he said – and turned directly to Chancellor Angela Merkel (66, CDU) ): “Angela, please make a clear announcement tomorrow about bridging aid III.”

Linnemann demands a clear perspective for the corona aid, which should now flow to the companies.

According to BILD information, the summit will also discuss how to ensure that at least the November and December aid are now transferred quickly.


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