Before the December 5th strike, the latest events, disturbances and security measures

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It is several weeks that France prepares for the mobilization against the pension reform, Thursday, December 5, which promises to be followed and massive. The day will be dark, especially in transport.

Railway workers, teachers, students, police and lawyers are preparing to mobilize alongside unions and opposition parties. Several calls to join the procession were launched by groups of "yellow vests". Trade unions opposed to the future "universal system" of pensions, supposed to replace the 42 existing regimes, will they "replay 1995" and its three weeks of strike against the reform of the special regimes?

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  • 245 declared demonstrations in France and 6,000 police mobilized in Paris

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner announced that 245 rallies and demonstrations had been declared throughout France. "We know there will be a lot of people in the demonstrations and we know the risks"he said on BFM-TV.

" We prepare ourselves. I asked the prefects in each department, and the prefect of police in Paris, to prepare devices that will intervene quickly if anyone wants to come to break. "

The Minister expects the presence of "Black blocks" and of "Radical yellow vests" in the processions, " few hundreds " in Paris and "Maybe a few thousand over the entire national territory". Media figures of the movement, like Eric Drouet, Priscillia Ludosky and "Fly Rider", called to join the mobilization.

In purple, the circulation restriction perimeter.
In purple, the circulation restriction perimeter. Infographie Le Monde

The Paris Police Prefecture has also decided to close all the businesses present on the route of the Paris demonstration, as well as the ban on "Any gathering of people claiming" yellow vests "" sure "The Champs-Elysees, in a perimeter including the Elysee and the Ministry of the Interior and in the sectors of the National Assembly, the Hotel de Matignon and Notre-Dame-de-Paris Cathedral".

Mr. Castaner called on unions to "Hunt" processions the people who would seek to "To prevent the demonstration by violence", on the eve of the day of mobilization against the pension reform. Questioned by The world, the trade union centers provide between 400 and 500 people to ensure the safety of protesters circulates. "If you do not manage to manage a demo, that's the war", says an experienced member of the service of order of the CGT.

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  • 9 out of 10 trains will not be running

The railway workers' unions, which call for unlimited movement, promise a show of force, at least for the day of 5 December, which promises to be a challenge for rail users, and probably beyond. At the headquarters of SNCF, it is estimated that the movement should last until December 12, at which time the prime minister, Edouard Philippe, could specify the project expected in Parliament in early 2020.

According to the railway company, 90% of TGVs and 80% of TERs will be canceled on Thursday, when RATP announces traffic "Extremely disturbed" with 11 closed metro lines, more than during the previous strike, which had almost paralyzed the capital on 13 September. Wednesday, at 17 hours, she must refine its forecasts, with the schedule of departures scheduled for the next day. It will do the same every day of strike to come, also at 17 hours.

While Air France has already announced plans to cancel 30 percent of its domestic flights and 15 percent of its medium-haul flights on Thursday, easyJet said on Wednesday it would cancel 233 domestic and mid-haul flights on Thursday.

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  • 55% of strikers in schools across the country

The strike rate in nursery and elementary schools, according to the Ministry of National Education, would reach 55% in France as a whole and 78% in Paris. The SNUipp-FSU, the majority union in the first degree, announces a 70% strike rate in schools.

In Paris, at least 245 schools out of 652 will be opened, according to the town hall. The law provides that, in case of mass absence of teachers, the municipality takes over from the reception of children. But this "minimum welcome service" is only confirmed at this stage in three schools in the capital.

The most mobilized academies, always in the first degree, are: Paris (78%), Rennes (68%), Créteil, Versailles, Montpellier (more than 60%). The Ministry of National Education is able to communicate these figures through "declarations of intention to strike" that school teachers can submit forty-eight hours in advance – the impact of their absence being more direct on the reception of children and the "continuity of public service".

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