Before the start of the Professional League, amnesty for those suspended in Argentine soccer

The AFA Disciplinary Tribunal annulled the sanctions on all suspended footballers with light sanctions for the start of the 2023 Professional League, which will start this Friday.

All who they reached the fifth yellow and those who received a direct red with a penalty of less than three dates on the last date of the last tournament, will enjoy amnesty determined by the entity that governs Argentine soccer.

There will also be a clean slate for the vast majority of those expelled in the final of the Champions Trophy between Boca and Racing. Not so in the case of Darío Benedetto, the Boca striker, who was sanctioned with four dates after seeing the red in that match which the Academy won 2-1.

The amnesty will apply to all categories of Argentine soccer. In addition, the pass book closing date was extended until February 2. The deadline was this Thursday.

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