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Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) and his ex-wife Amber Heard (Amber Heard) accuse each other of domestic violence after their divorce. Years of entanglement in the lawsuit have caused his image to drop to the bottom, and he was tragically changed by many Hollywood movies. Recently, the case of the two will be tried again. Unexpectedly, Amber Heard suddenly posted on Instagram to publicly talk about his grievances with his ex-husband, saying that he “still still loves Johnny”, but the two who used to love each other have come here. It made her very heartache.

▲Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s domestic violence lawsuits have been fighting for many years. (Photo/Dazhi Image, flipped by Amber Heard Instagram)

Amber Heard suddenly wrote a long article through Instagram on the 10th, taking the initiative to mention that she will soon face Johnny Depp in court again. She said that her ex-husband filed a lawsuit because of her article in the “Washington Post”, which made her very helpless. , thinking that he was only talking about his state of mind in the face of domestic violence, and did not even name Johnny Depp in the article, saying bluntly, “I wrote about the price women have to pay when they are brave enough to speak out against men in power, and I continue to pay such a price. cost”.

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▲Amber Heard suddenly wrote down his thoughts over the years.  (Photo/Photographed by Amber Heard Instagram)

▲Amber Heard suddenly wrote down his thoughts over the years. (Photo/Photographed by Amber Heard Instagram)

Amber Heard, who has been fighting with Johnny Depp for many years, seems to be tired, expressing the hope that after the lawsuit is over, he and Johnny can “move forward” and have a new life, and even shouted “I still have a relationship with Johnny.” “love”, expressing that she wants to count the two to celebrate the festival in front of the whole world, which is also a very painful thing for her. She mentioned that many people have supported her in the past few years. For a few weeks, be able to face it bravely with these encouragements.

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