Before the US stock market: the three major stock index futures fell sharply, cyclical stocks such as airlines, cruise ships, and oil fell. Author

© Reuters., U.S. stock index futures fell sharply, continuing the negative tone last week. The rising number of new infections caused market concerns. At the same time, investors continued to pay attention to corporate financial reports.

According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average daily number of new cases in seven days has exceeded 26,000, which is more than double the June low of about 11,000. The largest increase in cases is in Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri and Nevada, but the vaccination rates in these states are below average.

Rochelle Walensky, the director of the center, said on Friday that the number of cases in the United States increased by 70% last week compared to the previous week, and the number of deaths increased by 26%. The epidemic mainly occurred in parts with low vaccination rates. area.

At the same time, 9 Dow index companies and 76 S&P 500 index companies will announce quarterly reports this week. Within days, IBM will announce its financial report after the market.

On the previous trading day, US stocks closed down, down 0.86%, down 0.75%, and down 0.8%.

As of 20:36 Hong Kong time (08:36 AM EST), Investing.comU.S. stock marketIt showed that it fell 47.88 points or about 1.11% to 4,270.62 points; fell 473.5 points or about 1.37% to 34090.50 points; fell 129.38 points or about 0.88% to 14,541.12 points.

Pre-market stocks

Zoom Video Communications (NASDAQ:) fell 1.08%. The company plans to spend US$14.7 billion to acquire Five9 (NASDAQ:), a smart cloud contact center provider. If the transaction is successful, it will be the largest acquisition ever made by Zoom Video Communications. At the same time, Five9 rose 8.49%.

Pershing Square Tontine (NYSE:), a special-purpose acquisition company owned by Bill Ackman, the founder of Pershing Square Capital and billionaire investor Bill Ackman, fell 0.15% after the company announced that it would give up acquiring 10% of Universal Music. And will pay compensation costs incurred due to its decision to withdraw from the transaction. The group said that Pershing Square Holdings, a major hedge fund operated by Ackerman, will now replace PSTH as the acquirer. Ackerman, the founder of Pershing Plaza Capital, said that the US Securities Regulatory Commission vetoed the acquisition.

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:) fell 0.81%. According to reports, Johnson & Johnson plans to transfer the liability for talcum powder litigation to a new company, and then let the new company file for bankruptcy to avoid huge compensation.

Laser radar manufacturer Velodyne Lidar (NASDAQ:) fell 4.74%, Anand Gopalan has notified the board of directors that he will resign as CEO and board member, effective July 30, 2021.

Qualcomm (NASDAQ:) fell 0.47%, Goldman Sachs raised Qualcomm’s target price to $148, and upgraded its rating from “sell” to “neutral.” Goldman Sachs analysts said that Qualcomm will “benefit from multiple benefits” in the second half of 2021, including the early launch of the iPhone and improved supply conditions.

Oil stocks fell, and U.S. oil fell below $70. Occidental Petroleum (NYSE:) fell 5.90%, Chevron (NYSE:) fell 2.76%, Exxon Mobil (NYSE:) fell 2.98%, Marathon Petroleum (NYSE:) fell 6.38%, ConocoPhillips (NYSE:) fell 6.38% ) Fell 3.78%.

Gold stocks fell, and the price of gold fell below $1,800. Kinross Gold (NYSE:) fell 1.77%, Newmont Mining (NYSE:) fell 2.155, Barrick Gold (NYSE:) fell 2.01%, Jintian (NYSE:) fell 2.69%, and Harmony Gold (NYSE:) fell 3.47 %.

The epidemic dragged down cruise stocks. Carnival Cruise Line (NYSE:) fell 5.40%, Royal Caribbean Cruises (NYSE:) fell 4.61%, and Norwegian Cruise Line (NYSE:) fell 5.66%.

Aviation stocks fell. American Airlines (NASDAQ:) fell 5.20%, United Airlines (NASDAQ:) fell 5.32%, Delta Airlines (NYSE:) fell 5.32%, Southwest Airlines (NYSE:) fell 4.03%, and JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ:) fell 5.32%. NASDAQ:) fell 4.51%, and Alaska Airlines (NYSE:) fell 3.00%. At the same time, Boeing (NYSE:) fell 2.65%.

At the same time, among the constituent stocks of the Dow, Caterpillar (NYSE:), JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:), Goldman Sachs (NYSE:) fell more than 2%, Honeywell (NASDAQ:), 3M (NYSE:) fell Over 1%.

In terms of technology stocks, Apple (NASDAQ:) fell 1.74%, Netflix (NASDAQ:) fell 0.62%, Microsoft (NASDAQ:) fell 0.73%, Amazon (NASDAQ:) fell 0.92%, and Google (NASDAQ:) fell 0.91. %, Facebook (NASDAQ:) fell 0.87%, Twitter (NYSE:) fell 2.12%.

Tesla (NASDAQ:) fell 2.42%.

China Concept Stocks

Weilai Automobile (NYSE:) fell 4.49%, Xiaopeng Automobile (NYSE:) fell 2.64%, and Ideal Automobile (NASDAQ:) fell 4.25%. Mavericks Electric (NASDAQ:) fell 1.75%. According to reports, the dual listing of Ideal Return to Hong Kong will be listed at the end of August as soon as possible, and the second listing of Weilai may be delayed.

Bilibili (NASDAQ:) fell 2.86%, iQiyi (NASDAQ:) fell 2.11%, and Huya (NYSE:) fell 3.77%.

Futu Securities (NASDAQ:) fell 3.97% and Tiger Securities (NASDAQ:) fell 4.24%.

Alibaba (NYSE:) fell 3.2%, JD (NASDAQ:) fell 2.79%, and Pinduoduo (NASDAQ:) fell 2.83%. Lufax (NYSE:) fell 3.53%.

Baidu (NASDAQ:) fell 2.54%. Tencent Music (NYSE:) fell 2.91%.

Weibo (NASDAQ:) fell 1.89% and Momo (NASDAQ:) fell 2.52%.

NetEase (NASDAQ:) fell 1.86%.

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Other markets

As of 20:46 Hong Kong time (08:46 AM EST), Investing.comEuropean stock marketShows that European stock markets fell sharply. Fell 2.77%, fell 2.64%, fell 2.44%, fell 2.81%.

A measure of the dollar’s trend against a basket of six major currencies rose 0.27% to 92.933.

The Comex price on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell 11.38 US dollars, or about 0.63%, to 1,803.65 US dollars per ounce.

London fell 2.48 US dollars, or about 3.37%, to 71.11 US dollars per barrel. It fell 2.61 US dollars, or about 3.65%, to 68.95 US dollars per barrel.

Financial report

盤前:AutoNation(NYSE:),Cal-Maine Foods(NASDAQ:)。

After-hours: Crown Holdings (NYSE:), JB Hunt Transportation Services (NASDAQ:), IBM (NYSE:), PPG Industries (NYSE:), Steel Dynamics (NASDAQ:).

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