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Before trading Carey Price, you’ll need to make sure Cayden Primeau is ready

To trade Carey Price or not to trade Carey Price: that is the question.

At the moment, the topic of the hour for the Canadian is to know what the CH will do with its star players. It’s also about knowing who will be the club’s GM and seeing what Jeff Gorton has to tell us tomorrow. There are several hot topics, making it… rush hour.

Everyone has their own opinion on the matter, but one thing is clear: his chances of leaving do exist.

After all, if he wants to leave Montreal to take advantage of his last good years to go and earn elsewhere, it is possible that the management – who now no longer has an emotional connection with him following the change – will accommodate him.

Obviously, if Carey Price wants to quit, Jeff Gorton will not only be able to do a retool or a reset: he will have to rebuild. The keeper therefore has the keys to the organization, indirectly, in his hands.

You have to remember that even though he said he wanted to stay, he also said he wanted to win the Cup. And when he said he wanted to stay, Shea Weber was there, Marc Bergevin too… and the club won.

Obviously, if the CH were to rebuild, keeping Carey Price’s salary will have to be in the discussion since at 100% of his salary, the clubs do not want it. Look at the Kraken …

No, the CH could not keep a salary for each guy, but Price is different since he earns more.

Moreover, it is important to note that if the CH had to rebuild, it would have room to keep a little salary. Swapping Price halfway through his contract, at the right price, could pay off.

But the CH would not have the right to be wrong. Trading Price to an aspiring club – which we will call the Oilers for the sake of the cause – while keeping the salary until 2026 has to come at a BIG price.

But the question comes back: should the hospital exchange it? Is it essential? Realistic?

In his column of the day at 91.9 Sports, Éric Fichaud raised several interesting points and I isolated three.

First, the goalkeeper is not close to returning to the game. The way he skates, he still has a way to go.

One aspect that I allow myself to add: remember that while he was in the assistance program, he did not see a specialist for his knee. He therefore did not progress in his physical rehabilitation.

Then the former keeper believes Carey Price has another good three years in the body. By getting back in shape, he would therefore have time to return to a good level and to stay that way, according to Fichaud, for a few years.

This forces me to say that there is no hurry before exchanging the one who is four and a half years away from autonomy.

After all, Carey Price will be back in a few weeks at best and will need to readjust. Does it make sense to exchange it right away from March? I don’t know, but I think I would take a bet to see it bounce back.

I would like to see the goalie end the year in Montreal to rebuild his market value. During the summer, when large transactions take place, Jeff Gorton and his French-speaking CEO will have had time to assess the situation and see what they want to do.

This also brings me to the third point of the analyst’s chronicle: succession. Is the CH ready to take Price out of its organization chart?

Recall that when Gorton let Henrik Lundqvist go to New York, the Rangers had two goalies knocking on NHL doors.

This is how I see it. If the Canadian trades Price now (or in March, after a few games for Price), the CH will have to ride all year round with Jake Allen and Samuel Montembeault. If one were to get injured, would Cayden Primeau be ready to play in the NHL?

I would end the year with the three goalies (when Price returns) upstairs to assess the situation and let Cayden Primeau develop. From there, if Price were to be traded during the summer, CH could decide to give the position of # 2 to Cayden Primeau, leave it to Montembeault or go look outside to give the young prospect more time. .

By trading Price now, Jeff Gorton would put pressure on Primeau. Is it ideal?

March will come really quickly and I don’t know how far Gorton will have decided on his game plan. The season is scrap anyway and there is no point in rushing things for young people. Let’s take the time to get it right and keep Carey Price until this summer. And now, we’ll see.

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