Before winter.. 10 tips to relieve cold and flu symptoms

Colds and infection are linked flu In the winter, in light of low temperatures, especially in light of the Corona pandemic, which led to millions of viral infections and thus weakened the immune defenses of many, so if the influenza infection attacks you, you may be exposed to many complications and painful symptoms.

A report published on the Express website dealt with the most prominent tips before winter to get rid of bad symptoms of influenza in less than 24 hours.

Among the most prominent of these tips to prevent complications from the common cold are the following:

1. Bathing in hot water in the morning, because it leads to the dismantling of secretions in the nose, as the steam contributes to cleaning the clogged sinuses.

2. Warm water helps relieve the pain in the extremities that we often suffer from when we have colds.

3. Gargling with warm water, as the heat of the water and steam can help open the airways and soften the phlegm.

4. Get good amounts of vitamin C to help with recovery, so eat oranges or kiwis or take them in supplement form.

5. You should stay indoors and keep warm if you get cold. If the nose becomes too cold, these immune systems are not working properly, so you may be more susceptible to infection.

6. Wear a scarf around your nose to keep it warm and, if necessary, use a moisturizing nasal spray to reduce the severity of the infection.

7. Eating warm, vitamin-rich food helps us feel better, too.

8. Drink a lot of water to overcome sore throats, which occur when temperatures drop.

9. Eat curry in food or as a hot drink, as it has been proven that the hot spices in curry lead to cleaning the lining of your nose.

10. Eat a spoonful of honey that soothes sore throats.


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