Behind the scenes: Massa celebrated winning the crossings with his competitors

2023-10-02 03:53:14

“I am very tired but very happy”Sergio Massa told Héctor Daer after thanking all the leaders for having accompanied him in the first presidential debate of 2023. The Unión por la Patria candidate left the Santiago del Estero Convention Center convinced that he had been the one who best navigated the presidential debate. . “Coming out unscathed is winning,” the campaign team assessed, while emphasizing that there were no sneaks or mistakes. In the first minutes of the presentation, the applicant must have heard accusations about the scandalous VIP trip of Martin Insaurralde which led him to resign. They mentioned it Myriam Bregman y Patricia Bullrich, but there it stayed. He also had to face all the darts for his role as Minister of Economy, from which they assure that he emerged victorious.

None of the candidates insisted, not even on the head-to-head questions for which they were prepared. Martín Insaurralde’s yacht trip through Marbella went almost unnoticed. Sergio Massa had prepared for the blow, but it never came. The answer that he had ready was told before the media at the end of the debate: “he made a serious mistake, he resigned and has to resign from the candidacy of Lomas de Zamora, too,” he said.

In a debate with confusing rules, the economy and human rights concentrated the hottest intersections between the candidates

Minutes after the cameras were turned off, the Unión por la Patria candidate’s team did not hesitate to assure that Massa emerged victorious and that he earned a place in the runoff election. He “he was the most attacked and not a bullet entered him”; they summarized.

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The candidate had to take charge of his role as Minister of Economy in the debate and hear that he is leading Argentina to “hyperinflation” due to the “platita plan.” He responded with proposals and decided to use all the rights of reply in the economic bloc.

It was there that he decided to position Javier Milei as his opponent, although he also had several chicanes against Patricia Bullrich. “The first thing I want is to ask if, like two years ago, two years after they took over the government, halfway through they are going to fire Melconian like they fired him from Banco Nación,” he told the Together for the candidate. Change and continued: “The second thing is to ask you if the decision of the split that they are proposing or of bimonetarism, is copied from the Venezuelan model or the Cuban model, which are the two countries that today have that system. And then I want to thank Patricia, because she allowed me one of the greatest satisfactions of my life. She talks about the retirees, but it was my turn to see the smile of the retirees when I had to return the 13% that she deducted.”

Another of the moments that the campaign team celebrated was when he used the right of reply to target Milei’s proposals. “Putting the flag of another country in the Malvinas or in the Central Bank, as this man suggests, is simply renouncing the blood of our fallen and renouncing sovereignty for the development of our companies.” They also highlighted that the libertarian leader had to apologize to the Pope. Massa asked him to do so in a context in which the ruling party’s candidate seeks to get closer to Francisco.

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Massa forced Milei to apologize to the Pope: “I am sorry”

The candidate did not even have to answer about his fights with Kirchnerism. There were no mentions of the roles of Cristina Kirchner or Alberto Fernández, for which I also had answers.

What caught the most attention in the ruling party was the question that Bullrich chose to ask him. “Better than saying is doing?” He told him about his role. Sergio Massa took the opportunity to mention the measures he took as Minister of Economy. “He missed an opportunity, it’s lost even to ask,” they assessed.

Regarding his competitors, those around the candidate evaluated: “Bullrich got stuck and was very weak in the economy and human rights, Milei had problems with education, Juan Schiaretti is a failed candidate for governor and Bregman was the best but with the permanent arguments of the left”. For this reason, they say, Massa was the great winner.

During the day, Sergio Massa finished rehearsing with his campaign team that was installed in La Banda. He was surrounded by Eduardo “Wado” De Pedro, Juan Manuel Olmos, Malena Galmarini, Santiago García Vazquez and Antoni Gutiérrez Rubí. 20 guests also arrived in Santiago del Estero, including Augustín Rossi, Cecilia Moreau, Victoria Tolosa Paz and Gabriel Katopodis.
At the end of the debate, everyone returned to Maria’s hotel where there was a toast and words of thanks.

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