“Beijing Shougang Coach Addresses Foreign Aid Adjustments in Playoff Match Against Liaoning”

2023-04-20 07:37:00

Original title: Zhai Xiaochuan bluntly said that he will compete with Liaoning for two points Shougang coach: foreign aid abnormalities have been adjusted

Beijing time on April 20th news, the CBA playoffs 8 to 4 match continued today, holding a victory, the defending champion Liaoning men’s basketball team played away against Beijing Shougang. After the field training in the morning, Beijing Shougang Men’s Basketball coach Layden said in an interview that the team’s foreign players did not perform well in the last game, and they will make corresponding adjustments today.

“In the last game, we played relatively slowly on the offensive end. The performance of the two foreign players was not very good. We have made adjustments to try to play better on the offensive end. We need to adjust our mentality and play a smooth offense. And aggressive defense!” Beijing Shougang coach Layden said: “We played a little abnormally in the last game. The Liaoning team’s rebounds caused us a lot of trouble. We focused on rebounds in training. Emphasize that before the game, I will watch the video to study the details of rebound protection.”

Zhai Xiaochuan, the captain of Beijing Shougang, said that the whole team needs to strengthen their fighting spirit and fight for every opportunity on the court. The focus of tonight’s game is to compete with the Liaoning team in defense and rebounding.Return to Sohu to see more


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