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Original Title: Beijing Yesterday Added 1 Newly-linked Locally Confirmed Case Outside Beijing

City Disease Control Reminder: Citizens should not leave Beijing if they are not necessary in the near future

Win the fight against the epidemic

Yesterday, Beijing’s 243rd new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work press conference was held to inform the latest epidemic information and handling conditions. Yesterday, from 0:00 to 14:00, there was a new confirmed case of local new coronary pneumonia from outside Beijing, which was Liu, the wife of Xu Moumou, who was diagnosed on October 19 and was imported from outside Beijing. Fengtai District released the trajectory of the case and adjusted the control area in time according to the changes in the epidemic situation. Today, the relevant area will carry out the second round of large-scale nucleic acid testing. After testing and analysis, the virus strain of the recently confirmed cases in this city is a Delta mutant strain, which has high homology with the virus of the cases reported in Gansu, Shaanxi and other places, and belongs to the same transmission chain. The Municipal Center for Disease Control reminds that citizens and friends must continue to insist that they do not need to leave the country, not to go out of Beijing if they are not necessary in the near future, and not to travel or travel to medium- and high-risk areas and areas where confirmed cases are reported.

Please take the initiative to report if there is an intersection with the case’s itinerary trajectory

Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, informed that the newly confirmed case yesterday was Liu Mou, the wife of the confirmed case on October 19. Isolate medical observation. Relevant departments have carried out epidemiological investigations, laboratory tests, and close contact tracking, and have taken measures such as encapsulation and control of relevant areas level by level. As of yesterday, a total of 128 people in close contact with the epidemic have been identified in the city, and relevant control measures have been taken.

Yesterday, Fengtai District released Liu’s itinerary: On August 13, 2021, Liu came to Beijing from Wuwei, Gansu, and lived in Hengfu Middle Street, Fengtai District. At 20 o’clock on October 16th, her husband Xu XX arrived in Beijing from Gansu and lived together at home. At about 11 o’clock on October 17, Liu and his family walked to Building 11 of Hengfeng Garden, Yihai Garden, and stayed for about half an hour, and then walked to Xiaocheng Grandma’s Meal (Yihai Store) for dinner. Walk home after the meal. At around 16:00, Liu went to the Guodumei Supermarket at the gate of the community for shopping, and did not go out on the same day after returning home from shopping. At 7 o’clock on October 18th, walk to the Fengchao Express Cabinet in No. 4 Yard of Hengfeng Park to pick up the express and return home. At 22:00 on October 18, Liu was judged to be a close contact of Xu and was transferred to a centralized isolation observation point in the early morning of October 19, and the nucleic acid test was negative that day. On October 20, Liu Mou tested positive for nucleic acid, and on October 21, he was diagnosed as a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia (mild).

Zhang Jie, deputy district head of Fengtai District, said that people who have a simultaneous and empty intersection with the above trajectories should immediately report to the community and territorial disease control department where they live, and actively cooperate in the implementation of relevant control measures.

Involved 114 close-closed people and 197 sub-closed people in Fengtai District

At yesterday’s press conference, Zhang Jie introduced the development of the epidemic situation in the district. She revealed that Fengtai District immediately carried out in-depth investigation and control of the circulation, and continued to carry out the Beijing trajectory investigation of the cases Xu and Liu in Beijing. Isolation and control measures have been fully standardized, and daily nucleic acid tests have been negative.” In addition, a total of 120 environmental and human nucleic acid tests were carried out on the fruit supermarkets and related areas that Liu had visited, and the results were all negative.

According to Zhang Jie, Fengtai District adjusted the control area in time according to the changing situation of the epidemic situation, specifically: after comprehensive research and judgment, the original district of Kandan Street was strengthened, and No. 6 and No. 7 hospitals of Hengfu Middle Street and surrounding sporadic areas were upgraded to control areas. At the same time, the Imperial Garden was designated as a control area. Fengtai District has set up 14 centralized nucleic acid test points in the closed zone, control zone and strengthened prevention zone of Kandan Street and Xincun Street. The first round of nucleic acid testing was completed, and the nucleic acid test results were all negative.

How to guarantee the lives of residents in the enclosed area? According to Zhang Jie, more than 800 people including sinking cadres and community police have been organized to maintain order on the scene and guarantee the lives of people in the enclosed area, and conduct one-on-one visits to the enclosed area, the elderly living alone, and groups with disabilities in the controlled area. Service, “The whole district currently reserves more than 4.46 million pieces of various protective materials such as masks and protective clothing, which can meet the needs of protective materials.”

The second round of nucleic acid testing in relevant areas of Fengtai

Zhang Jie said that Fengtai District will continue to do a good job in the follow-up of the epidemic, and strengthen the investigation and control of risk personnel. Relying on the “shuangliu adjustment” work mechanism, close contacts and sub-close contacts are checked for the first time and the control measures are implemented. Continue to strengthen the health monitoring of all personnel in the enclosed area, the control area, and the prevention area, and strictly control the hidden dangers of further spread of the epidemic. “The subsequent organization of nucleic acid testing will be deduced, the work links and procedures will be optimized, and the material reserve will be carried out tomorrow. The second round will be launched. Large-scale nucleic acid testing was completed on the same day.”

In terms of the management of key areas, Fengtai District will adopt civil air defense and technical defense methods to ensure that they do not leave the house, and continue to do a good job in cleaning and killing key areas and guaranteeing daily life services, focusing on dialysis patients, pregnant women, children, and the elderly. Medical needs of special populations such as people. In strengthening social prevention and control, all community villages and public places in the whole district strictly implemented various epidemic prevention measures. Propaganda and guide the masses to reduce dinner and party activities, take personal protection, maintain a safe social distance with others, wear masks, wash hands frequently, and refrain from shaking hands. In addition, the district will make good use of the immediate action mechanism when responding to complaints, keep a close eye on the demands of the people in the area of ​​closure and control, provide precise services, and make every effort to provide various livelihood guarantees for the people in the relevant areas.


The personnel who came (returned) to Beijing took the initiative to report and cooperate with the prevention and control work

Pang Xinghuo said that according to the whole genome sequencing results of the laboratory of the Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus strain of the recently confirmed case is a delta mutant. A preliminary comparison and analysis by experts from the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that the virus has high homology with the cases reported in Gansu, Shaanxi and other places recently, and belongs to the same transmission chain.

Recently, since the detection of 2 cases of tourists with positive nucleic acid tests in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, many provinces, cities and regions including Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Hunan, Guizhou, Ningxia, Hebei, and this city have reported multiple related cases. The source of infection is not yet clear, and the spread speed Quickly, the situation is grim. Pang Xinghuo once again reminded citizens and friends to increase their awareness of protection and do a good job of personal protection.

One is that the personnel who came (returned) to Beijing took the initiative to report and cooperate with the prevention and control work. Those coming (returning) to Beijing with the same itinerary as the announced confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia or with an abnormal health code (yellow code or red code) must take the initiative to report their itinerary to the community (village), unit, and hotel, and cooperate with various control measures.

The second is to consciously monitor and manage personal health. During the health monitoring period, going out should be reduced, and personal protection must be done when going out. The person and the co-resident should not go out, gather and eat together as much as possible. Once symptoms such as fever, dry cough, sputum expectoration, sore throat, fatigue, diarrhea, abnormal taste, and abnormal smell appear, report to the community immediately and cooperate with corresponding control measures such as nucleic acid testing.

The third is to insist on not leaving the country unless it is necessary, and not leaving Beijing unless it is necessary. Citizens and friends should continue to insist on not leaving the country if it is not necessary, not going to Beijing if it is not necessary in the near future, and not to travel or travel to medium and high-risk areas and areas where confirmed cases are reported. Those who are traveling or traveling in Beijing and have not returned to Beijing should take personal protection during their journeys and meals.

The fourth is to consciously implement normalized epidemic prevention and control measures. Wear masks scientifically, wash your hands frequently, ventilate often, and avoid gatherings. In the process of social activities, do not touch or shake hands, and maintain a safe social distance. Try not to go to places with dense crowds and poor air circulation. In public places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, theaters, stadiums, buses, subways, and airport waiting rooms, consciously abide by various prevention and control measures.

“Strengthening acupuncture” first targets key populations with high risk of disease transmission

At present, all districts of this city have started the immunization of the new coronavirus vaccine. Pang Xinghuo said that the current research results show that the implementation of enhanced immunization can quickly increase the level of antibodies and have a better protective effect, which is of great significance for protecting susceptible people and effectively curbing the spread of the epidemic. In accordance with the requirements of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism, Beijing implements enhanced immunization for people aged 18 and over who have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus for 6 months.

At this stage, the “strengthening injection” vaccination work first targets key populations with high risk of infection and disease transmission, such as border ports, medical and health, public security, firefighting, transportation, logistics, personnel going abroad, etc., major event guarantees and participants and key regional needs Cooperate with relevant populations for epidemic prevention and control and strengthen immunization, and vaccinate is organized through various industries and units. The general population who meet the vaccination requirements and have vaccination needs can register and make appointments through unit organizations, communities, and vaccination sites for enhanced immunization.

Pang Xinghuo said that regarding the location of the vaccination, in principle, the booster vaccination should be carried out in the area where the first or second dose of vaccination is located; the key populations who give priority to vaccination should be vaccinated in accordance with the unified arrangement of the relevant industry departments. The sites for enhanced immunization in various districts can be inquired through the website of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention. (Https://

According to the data released by the Beijing Municipal Health Commission yesterday, as of October 20, the city has reported a total of 40,462,300 doses of new crown virus vaccine, and a total of 20,440,100 people have been vaccinated.

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