Being sick, EVOS Wannn answers the issue of Luminaire absence in MPL Season 7 – Rumors about the frontman EVOS Legends, Luminaire positive Covid-19 has been widely heard since some time ago. Newest, answer fan questions, Wannn ask for prayer support from fans to support the team’s mainstay.

Not appearing without reason, rumors about Luminaire’s health condition were conveyed by the pro player whose real name is Ihsan Besarik in a live streaming with Buluk and Doyok.

In the live stream, Luminaire is in an unsanitary condition. He then conducted a PCR Swab to get results related to Covid-19.

According to Luminaire, if he is positive for the corona virus and must undergo quarantine, the player whose real name is Ihsan Besarik could be absent from the MPL Season 7 which will start in a few weeks.

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I think if I am positive, the MPL season is already going to skip me again,” said Luminaire admitted.

Luminaire. (instagram/ihsanbesarik)

Furthermore, Luminaire said that his position could have been replaced by Rexxy, who had the same role. However, he hopes that the knowledge he provides for Rexxy can be useful for EVOS Legends later.

Recently on a live stream conducted by Wannn, this EVOS Legends core answered fan questions about the state of Luminaire.

According to Wannn, the possibility of Luminaire playing with EVOS Legends may depend on his health condition after receiving the results of the Covid-19 test. Wannn also asked for prayer support from fans for the figure of Luminaire.

Pemain eSports EVOS Wannn.  (Instagram / evos.wannn)
Pemain eSports EVOS Wannn. (Instagram / evos.wannn)

Anyway, we are now praying for the best for Ihsan (Luminaire)” ungkap Wannn.

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Unfortunately, there is no information from EVOS Legends regarding this Luminaire condition. Until now, Luminaire is still confirmed to appear with EVOS Legends in the upcoming MPL Season 7 event.


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