Beko SGA8328B steam plant test: an engaging quality / price ratio

The design of the SV8030 control unit is atypical. Overcoming its imposing water reserve, the iron with its slightly rounded shape attracts the eye with its midnight blue coating. Standard capacity (1.8 liters), the water reserve is not removable. It could be a handicap, but Beko was careful to give it a wide opening for its filling. In use, it turns out to be very practical and avoids having to pour water next to it.

In the base of the unit, there are housings for the steam pipe and the power cable. As is often the case, neither is really practical. It is necessary to force to pass the steam pipe in the chute provided for this purpose and the power cable – longer than the average with its 1.90 meters – is not more practical to integrate. After three ironing sessions, each will implement their own strategy to tidy up the central …

The central Peak SGA8328B.

This plant remains massive. Weighing 4.5 kg empty, it is in the middle high. Claimed to be 900 g by the manufacturer, the weight of the iron is a little higher according to our measurements (1.13 kg). However, it is still quite light in comparison to other models. Some irons from steam plants, like the one from the Calor GC9610 C0 / 23 weigh up to 1.9 kg.

A single physical control button (backlit) is present, at the rear, the one to turn the control unit on and off. The other controls are housed on the iron handle where a button allows you to select the ironing mode among the five available. They are displayed on an LCD screen. Among them, a SMART mode suitable for most fabrics.

The different ironing modes are displayed on the iron handle.

The different ironing modes are displayed on the iron handle.

The central unit incorporates a scale collector placed not on the side of the machine, as is often the case, but at the rear. It does not change anything in use. When the time comes, an indicator light on the iron handle will light up, indicating it is time to clean the collector. It will first be necessary to wait for the unit to cool, empty its water reserve and unscrew (above a sink, as there will be water in the heating chamber) the collector to clean it.

The slots for the power cable and the steam hose are too small.

The slots for the power cable and the steam pipe are too small.

The device comes in a fairly compact cardboard box, but remains enclosed by two large blocks of polystyrene, a material that is difficult to recycle, which we hope to see eventually replaced by rigid preformed cardboard.

Without (bad) surprise, the Beko central is a pleasant use. Very heavy to move if its water reserve is full, its handling once in place is ultimately convenient. The iron locking system on its base using a simple twist lock is very easy to use. Be careful when tackling your ironing basket: the iron does not offer vertical installation, which can be restrictive for many.

The iron locking system on its base is well thought out.

The iron locking system on its base is well thought out.

As soon as you handle the pieces to be ironed, you must either put it back on its base, or leave it on the ironing board at the risk of dropping it, but also damaging the protective fabric covering the table over time. .

The SteamXtra titanium sole offers a fluid glide, supported by a steam flow which, as we will see below, offers great power.

Smoothing efficiency

Once the prescribed 2 minutes of preheating has passed, the unit is ready for use. A small buzzing sound is heard as she presses herself again.

The 7.2 bar of the machine is a plus, although many power plants – like the Polti XT100C or the Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus GC8962 – rise to 7.5 bars.

The large hatch which gives access to the water reserve.

The large hatch which gives access to the water reserve.

For its part, the steam flow of the Beko is rather well located: 150 g / min. Many plants do not exceed 120 g / min. But the essential data concerns the pressing function. With 450 g / min, it is at a very correct level, guaranteeing good ironing efficiency, which we were able to verify in-situ. Since we have been testing steam generators, the level with the highest pressing function remains that of the Calor GC9610 C0 / 23 (600 g / min). The lowest is that of the entry level central Calor Fasteo SV6020C0 (130 g / min).

For its part, our lab test shows a lack of temperature uniformity under the iron sole. The heat is more concentrated on the toe and center of the sole (with peaks at 155 ° C and 160 ° C respectively) than on the bottom of the sole (with values ​​closer to 140 ° C). However, this is not felt too much during ironing. Combining significant heat in the center of the sole and a consequent steam flow, the Beko central delivers perfectly smooth fabrics.

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