Belarus President raises his tone against the Kremlin

Facing the most massive demonstrations anti-government their long-lived mandate, the President of Belarus, Aleksándr Lukashenko, clings like a burning nail to the theory of the international plot to overthrow him from power. In a speech to the nation coinciding with the start of the voting for the presidential election which will culminate on Next sunday, the president has made a powerful diatribe against Russia ensuring that the mercenaries from that country recently arrested in Minsk, the capital, were preparing “terrorist attacks“.

“Stop lying; you have exposed yourselves,” the leader snapped, addressing the almighty neighbor to the east. According to the version of the Belarusian head of state, the detainees “have stated that they had been specially sent” to the country, and that “they had been ordered to wait” (for receive instructions). Another group of contractors, always according to their words, has been detected in the south of the country, although it has not shown any evidence. Promising double wages during his next term, Lukashenko he has conspired, before the audience that listened to him, to protect the country from Belarusian opponents, whom he accuses of being “puppets” controlled from abroad.

Moscow has reacted unequivocally to the arrests of Russian mercenaries belonging to the Wagner group by its alleged ally, an attitude that contrasts with the virulence and the aggressiveness with which he usually responds to accusations or incidents that take place in western countries. The strident statements by President Lukashenko in his speech on Tuesday have so far had no response from the Kremlin. In previous days, the Russian authorities have only insisted that the contractors they just made a scale in Minsk when traveling to a third country and they have demanded his release.

Without any credit

The Belarusian opposition does not give any credit to the arrests, calling them a “farce” devised by the Belarusian power to incite the patriotism and extend the psychosis threatens among the citizens before imminent presidential elections in which they paint coarse for a president with more than one quarter of a century in the power. The candidate Svetlana Tikhonóvskaya, around which all the opposition have joined forces, gathers tens of thousands of people at their rallies, as it seems to stretch between the citizenship a feeling of satiety towards Lukashenko, who has refused to adopt exceptional measures at the most critical moments of the covid-19 epidemic.

Although the Kremlin does not want make blood of the incident, something seems move in relations between the Russian giant and the small former Soviet republic, between the troop movements that have been announced for the next few days in the border regions. Moscow reported on Monday of military exercises not far from the border with Belarus in which they participated 3,000 men and 800 vehicles. The Lukashenko government, for its part, has announced that the next day 11just hours after closing from the ballot box, reservist soldiers they will take part in maneuvers in the east of the country.


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