“Belarus President Vows to Hand Out Nuclear Weapons to Pro-Russia Countries”

2023-05-29 13:44:00

President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, which is receiving tactical nuclear weapons from Russia, has vowed to hand out nuclear weapons to countries that stand on the side of Russia and Belarus.

According to CNN broadcasting on the 28th local time, President Lukashenko said in an interview with Russian state TV that was released that day, “We will provide nuclear weapons to countries willing to join the National Union of Russia and Belarus.”

“It means to join the Union of Belarusian and Russian States, and then there will be nuclear weapons for everyone,” he stressed in an interview.

“No one will care about Kazakhstan or other countries having as close ties with Russia as Belarus does,” he added.

However, it is unclear how wide the scope of Russia and Belarus’ membership will be, and President Lukashenko did not comment more specifically, CNN said.

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