Belen Rodriguez does not forgive Stefano De Martino and responds to Maria De Filippi

Belen Rodriguez does not forgive Stefano De Martino and on Instagram responds to Maria De Filippi, revealing to be very happy. The Argentine showgirl returned to Ibiza to spend the first summer after her separation from her husband. Just a year ago the conductor of Maof In the South and the model were back together, once again swearing eternal love and dreaming of the arrival of a second child. Today, after months, many things have changed and Stefano and Belen could not be further away, divided by kilometers and by issues still to be clarified.

In a recent interview with the weekly People, Maria De Filippi spoke of the possibility of a flashback between the two. According to the presenter Stefano could win back Belen after having done something thanks to his innate charm. “Stefano is a very special guy – he confessed -, he has the ability to make up for the unforgivable, he did it with me too: he had also had an affair with another Amici dancer, he combined them to sell … This time I don’t know how it will end with Belén, but they may be back together, you never know with him. Because Stefano makes a mess and then he arrives with that face there, with that smile there, with that spoken one and you forgive him ”.

The response of the Rodriguez that before si is performed at karaoke, throwing a dig at the ex-husband, then posted a post on Instagram. “I am happy and very,” she wrote posting a photo and revealing that she is back in Ibiza. Meanwhile, De Martino continues to focus on little Santiago and to reject all the rumors of a new flirtation. It is not yet clear what the reasons for the breakcertainly something serious happened between the two that has not yet been clarified.

“I am full of defects, but I keep my word – Belen explained on the pages of the weekly Chi shortly after the farewell referring to the former dancer of Amici -, I never disappoint anyone and, if I can’t keep a promise, I don’t. Even in love, if I make a promise, I carry it forward, but I didn’t write “silly” on the forehead “.


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